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Did The Swamp Do It Again?

A short one using speech from my previous video, overlayed with scenes from the January 6th Protest / Rally in Washington DC. More from Amazing Polly.

We return with a second video today from The Salty Cracker. He asks if Trump supporters were set up to give the extremists in Congress an excuse to try to remove the president before January 20. We did not elect him in 2016 to end his term two weeks early. We elected him to serve a full four years until Jan. 20. Seems Sen. Chuck Schumer can cool his jets for another two weeks. If he just can’t wait, what’s his problem? Could he have some traitorous activity to conceal?

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Bobby Piton relayed a message sent to him by an individual Piton describes as “a good source.” Piton says he cannot identify this individual nor substantiate the message. The source claims the occupation of the U.S. Capitol was a “sting operation,” involving undercover agents who seized laptops showing Congressional leaders engaged in communications with the Chinese Communist Party, Antifa and the “fake news” media. “Can you imagine if this is true? I have no idea…but this would be absolutely brilliant,” Piton says. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Piton calls himself a pro-Trump, freedom-loving Constitutionalist.

JustInformed Talk also has some observations on the “Buffalo Man” seen at the U.S. Capitol. Turns out this bare-chested figure has been attending Q events before, including one last year where the host of JustInformed Talk met him. Here, JIT discusses the U.S. Capitol protest with Nick Noe, who some of you might recognize for his role as a Benghazi whistleblower. The gist of their conversation: “Is President Trump planning a miraculous comeback or is it all over?”

If President Trump is planning a comeback, keep your eyes and ears open on Sunday, January 10 and Monday, January 11. Why do we say that? Q has always told us the last days of the Trump term “are going to be Biblical.” The Biblical story of Lazarus comes to mind — buried for four days before being brought back to life by Jesus. If Trump was declared dead, either Wednesday night or sometime Thursday, a four-day resurrection brings us to either Sunday or Monday. All depends on which time frame the count starts!

Cracked Corn

In Pursuit of Truth brings us more Q proofs from the massive IG report. It might not have generated a lot of heat upon its release Monday, but it most certainly underscores the beliefs of those of us following Q.  All the naysayers can keep screaming naught. But the truth of the matter is, rogue agents within the FBI and foreign agencies spied on the Trump campaign, using a phony dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign. Real misuse of federal resources and a true American political disgrace. Turn to shuck the corn.

Knowledge is power. Think for yourself. Trust yourself. Do due diligence. You awake, and thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear. Sheep no more. The Great Awakening. It is with that Q post that And We Know opens its latest summary of today’s political upheaval filtered through the observations of Serial Brain 2.

The [Deep State] is now struggling. The FISA hearing did exactly what it needed to. It outlined the [DS] players. It let everyone know each of their roles, how they went about manipulating and falsifying records. This was needed for the next phase. We now find out why it is so hard to get docs from the FBI, misspellings. FISA is the start. It will lead to the declas, which will allow to put the “WHY” the FBI did what they did. The criminal case will show the crime. More from the X22 Report.

A Public Awakening

Flotus Melania Trump destroys the DeepState with her #Christmas @WhiteHouse Patriotism exhibit. SerialBrain2 explains more in a video called The Spirit of America.

The [Deep State] held their fake impeachment hearing. This hearing was part of the patriots’ plan. It needed to go mainstream first, the people need to be educated on how administration should never work with a foreign government to interfere with the US elections. The hearing explained it all to the people of the US. Phase III is coming. The House is about to be brought down. The [DS] understands that this is the storm brought on by Trump. Q drops more bread. Arrests coming soon. More from the X22 Report.

NewQ Posts! Extreme panic displayed! It’s going to be Biblical! More from McAllister TV.

If you listen to the Left, only three possibilities lie behind every happening: Racism, sexism or Russia. Here, SerialBrain2 returns for the second time in one day , addressing the question: When will the trials for Deep State treason begin?


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