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New Swamp Creature Sightings

As the day comes closer when President Donald Trump prepares to lower the boom, more swamp creatures are starting to rise up to defend the blackguards in the FBI and CIA who have been trampling our Constitution. The latest: William Webster, the only individual who ever served as head of both the CIA and FBI, and Carly Fiorina, the former chief of HP who served as vice presidential candidate with Ted Cruz.

Says Amazing Polly, ” CALLED IT! Today I got two proofs of my own. Instincts on target. Some info on the creatures who came out from under rocks today, plus a guess at who’ might be next.”

Just goes to show: There are both Republicans and Democrats who need to be exposed. We can no longer permit these monsters to prey upon the nation.

No one is better at spotting rats than Vincent Vendetta. Here, he turns his gaze upon some of the most vile politicians walking amongst us, starting with the witch Hillary Rodham Clinton and also targeting Prince Andrew, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, James Comey (Corney? himself) and Adam Schiff. Ah, such unsweetened corpulence!

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