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Christmas Extravaganza

RedPill78 offers a Christmas special — a two-part video packed full of special guests, including his close confidant M3thods as well as representatives from TruReporting, Neon Revolt, Quite Frankly and Educating Liberals. Happy holidays one and all!

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Here is Part 2 with even more guests, including Spaceshot76, White Hat and Brendan Dilley.

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In Pursuit of Truth goes along the Borderline, talking about Breitbart’s calculations that as many as 26 Congressional seats could go to Blue states by 2022 if more illegals are admitted into the United States. California would stand to gain the most, followed by New York and New Jersey. States poised to lose include Ohio and Michigan.

Michael Krieger from joins the SGTReport to discuss what the elites fear most: The complete loss of control over their New World Order narrative, thanks in no small part to Donald J. Trump. We also talk about the economy, the Fed, REPO and the future of the United States of America.

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