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Savin: Globalist Dam Breaking

Juan O. Savin says there’s a universal angst arising in America, spurred by a grassroots movement, to finally get to the bottom of the 2020 Presidential election fraud.

Savin says the courts are going to come to the rescue on some of these cases, sooner than people think. When the electorate realizes consequences of the massive fraud–people who were not elected making decisions in our country–they’re going to realize it wasn’t fair. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast with more analysis.

Meanwhile, Marylyn Todd, auditor and staff accountant at Drouin Associates, LLC, tells radio show host Pete Santilli that further investigation into the New Hampshire 2020 Presidential election results has revealed blatant fraud and possibly outright theft.

Todd says the most egregious shenanigans were found in Merrimack, N.H., voting machines, in Hillsborough County. She says the fraud was connected to mail-in ballots, where the numbers were badly skewed in favor of Joe Biden. “And this was down ballot,” she says. Here’s her breakdown of the shocking discovery.


Biden Blunder Spills The Beans

President Biden unsuspectingly let the cat out of the bag at a recent presser, revealing his granddaughter works for former Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Riss Flex says she learned from a White House correspondent that the granddaughter is not employed by Bloomberg’s news component, but his philanthropic endeavor, Bloomberg Philanthropies.

But don’t be fooled, Flex says. Through the nonprofit, Bloomberg finances programs at Harvard University to groom rising political stars aligned with Democrat Party views of the future. “Everything about the Bloomberg philanthropy is political,” Flex says. She digs more into the story and also gives her take on the stunning election results earlier this week.

Stone Eyeing Florida Guv’s Race

Political fireplug Roger Stone is threatening to seek the Libertarian nomination for governor in Florida to hold Gov. Ron DeSantis’ feet to the fire. Though he has no illusions of winning, Stone says DeSantis has to strengthen his position on voting fraud and pledge not to seek the 2024 presidential nomination should President Trump decide to enter the race.

Appearing on Infowars, with Alex Jones, Stone gives his take on the GOP’s stunning upset in Virginia, the near victory in New Jersey and the state of the Republican Party.

Americans Say No To Joe!

Shocking NBC poll suggests sweeping conservative victories lay ahead, starting with the governor’s race in Virginia and worldwide fight for freedom. More from Lori Colley.

Tuesday’s election results look to be “a bloodbath,” favoring the Republicans. Those are the words that election analyst Larry Sabato used to describe the election in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. The GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin claimed a substantial lead in Virginia and the Republican, Jack Ciattarelli, held a narrow lead as well in New Jersey.

Of course, this was around 11 pm Tuesday night, well ahead of the 3 am time slot when the Democrats always produce their “dead voter” graveyard results.

So no telling, if the Republicans will actually win, or be narrowly defeated by the skanky Democrats. Let’s hope the Republican numbers are substantial enough that the Democrats can’t begin to cheat to compensate.

No one likes cheaters, especially cheaters who are only capable of filling their pants full of crap. More from Ovation Eddie.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: NBC, ABC and CNN all called Youngkin the winner in Virginia shortly after midnight. No final determination was made yet in the New Jersey race.)


Here, Ramzpaul explores the possible significance of the election results. His take, in a nutshell: No one approves of Joe Biden or the Socialist Democrats. They can cheat to win a few elections here and there, but they do not at all have the backing of the American people.


How Trump Won In 2020

Obama’s birthday is coming up, Seth Keshel confirms Trump, in fact, won. He says 8 million fraudulent votes gave the White House to Joe Biden, but that Trump actually carried seven additional states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Minnesota. Here we get the real breakdowns, state by state. More from RedPill78, who calls for forensic audits in the majority, if not all, states.

Here is The Gateway Pundit’s article on Seth Keshel’s findings. Follow this link if you are interested in seeing how many fraudulent votes were cast in your state, and also which regions of your state most likely produced fraudulent numbers.

JustInformed Talk also addresses Seth Keshel’s findings regarding the widespread fraud that transpired in the 2020 Presidential election. How did the 8 million votes arise? Sometimes voters cast ballots in multiple places. Sometimes the same ballots were counted more than once.

The official election results gave Biden 306 electoral votes and Trump 232. In actuality, Trump won by 321 electoral votes to 216 for the phony Joe Biden. Trump’s numbers could have even been higher.

The reason: Besides wining the seven additional states, Trump’s numbers improve dramatically if you remove the fraudulent votes from five other states where the two candidates were neck and neck. Those are the states of Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire and New Jersey.


Jersey Mailman Dumped Ballots

A United States Postal Service carrier pleaded guilty to dumping ballots from the November 2020 election into a dumpster. The admission gives credence to a number of whistleblowers that revealed prior to and after the election that ballots were being improperly handled.

The charges were ignored by the Democrat Party and mainstream media and mocked as hearsay. Martin Brodel gives his take on the story, plus he reveals that sources tell him more than 60,000 black hats have already been dealt with at Guantanamo Bay and other places. So if you’re one of the skeptics that believe nothing is happening in the Great Awakening, think again. Here’s more with Brodel.

Stimulus Bill Wipes Out NY Debt

The recently passed $1.9 billion stimulus package was very good to New York state, wiping out its unprecedented deficit. Meanwhile, the average American, still stuck with an average debt of $94,500, gets a measly $1,400 check!

Optics are important, as the saying goes, and this looks an awful lot like a payoff to the Empire State. Or, says Martin Brodel, a payoff for Mayor Cuomo and all the corrupt Democrats in New York, who have kept everything locked down. “It’s the DNC’s way of saying, ‘thank you, good job. Now we’re going to bail you out,'” Brodel says. And it doesn’t end there. Expect for states such as Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois and other Democrats strongholds to share in the gravy train. Here’s more with Brodel as he also reports on gun control, U.S.-Asian relations and President Biden’s broken promise to Georgians.

Voter Fraud Out Of Control

From uber liberal California to progressive Pennsylvania and ultra-Left New York, overwhelming evidence is mounting for mail-in voter fraud.

Blaze TV’s Pat Gray says the chaos is out of control. For instance, in New York City 100,000 voters received ballots with wrong names and addresses; 400,000 ballots in California were sent to voters who moved out of state or died; a judge was charged with ballot tampering in Allentown, Pa.; hundreds of ballots were found in the trash in New Jersey; and a Joe Biden donor group sent out 225,000 ballot requests, including for dead people.

Good grief! So how much evidence is enough? Gray breaks down all the facts on why universal, mail-in voting is a problem and gives us more examples of corruption.

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Heads Of State

Notice how all of the most dangerous nursing homes — the ones with the highest coronavirus death rates — all could be found in states run by Democrats. Were these Democratic governors simply counting more coronavirus deaths so they could receive higher federal reimbursements, or did the Democrats engage in riskier behavior, placing known coronavirus patients within the nursing homes, thus spreading the disease to more members of the elderly? Some of the governors with pronounced mortality rates: Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., Gretchen Whitmer, D-Mich., Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., Tom Wolf, D-Penn., and Phil Murphy, D-N.J. Jamie Dlux explores this sad tale.

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, says the five Democratic governors need to explain why they failed to follow the federal guidelines and sent coronavirus patients into nursing homes.Because of their negligence, “New York has suffered 6,318 deaths in nursing homes. New Jersey, 6,327,” says Scalise. “Compare that to Florida — a retirement state — 1,454. On a per capita basis, nursing homes deaths in New York are 500 percent higher than Florida and New Jersey is 1,120 percent higher than Florida.”

At best, one can describe these Democrats as dunces. But just as easily, you can call them murderers. So Cuomo can talk tough, but he’s a sleazebag of the highest order. Same goes for the cackling Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Go stick your head under a lake, witch!

Here is Scalise’s appearance over the weekend on Mike Huckebee’s show on Fox News. The COVID-19 discussion begins around the 4:20 mark.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Huckabee Show interview with Steve Scalise has disappeared off YouTube, so we present another video where Scalise addresses the same issues.)

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Democrats Caught Cheating

A former judge of elections has pleaded guilty to taking bribes to stuff ballots for several Democratic candidates at all levels of elections.

Republicans have raised concerns about voter fraud but are often dismissed by Democrats. In northern New Jersey, a case of voter fraud has rocked the city of Patterson as residents say their mail-in ballots never came yet someone voted in their names.

One person claims their relative is said to have voted but was in Florida for several weeks.

We now have several suspect instances suggesting potential fraud dealing with mail-in voting in several states. More from Tim Pool.

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