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Deep State Getting Burnt, Buried

The patriots have divided the [Deep State]. Each faction is now pushing against each other. This is the offensive. People are waking up and more are on the cusp of waking up. As this continues the people will know who the real enemy is. The patriots have planned this a long time ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the people must reach the precipice and see the truth: the truth of treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, the border, the economy and the pandemic hoax. It’s all about to implode on the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

It feels like we’re living in a LARP (live-action role-play), where up is down and down is up and the loudest and most powerful voices are the craziest. Like a cult, the leaders are working to control and manipulate us, using fear and intimidation. But they are losing their grip, and in this video, I’ll show you why. More from Lori Colley.

Are enemies – both foreign and domestic — engaged in non-kinetic warfare against the United States since the 2020 Presidential election? That’s the burning question addressed by JustInfomed Talk in this new video.

Biden’s Border Insanity

Of the many puzzling and even crippling pieces of legislation being pushed by the Democrats, none is quite as disastrous as Joe Biden’s Border insanity. He means to take money out of the pockets of every American. Our economy will plunge, becoming more anemic like the depressed economies of Latin American nations. Here, Steve Turley enumerates the short and long-term consequences of Biden’s slap-happy Border policies.



Blasting Biden’s Divisive Policies

Joe Biden’s Mexico border policies are blasted by Stephen Miller, former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy. Miller appeared on Jesse Watters Show on Fox News. Ovation Eddie weaves in an Iron Man parody.

Christmas Extravaganza

RedPill78 offers a Christmas special — a two-part video packed full of special guests, including his close confidant M3thods as well as representatives from TruReporting, Neon Revolt, Quite Frankly and Educating Liberals. Happy holidays one and all!

Here is Part 2 with even more guests, including Spaceshot76, White Hat and Brendan Dilley.

In Pursuit of Truth goes along the Borderline, talking about Breitbart’s calculations that as many as 26 Congressional seats could go to Blue states by 2022 if more illegals are admitted into the United States. California would stand to gain the most, followed by New York and New Jersey. States poised to lose include Ohio and Michigan.

Michael Krieger from joins the SGTReport to discuss what the elites fear most: The complete loss of control over their New World Order narrative, thanks in no small part to Donald J. Trump. We also talk about the economy, the Fed, REPO and the future of the United States of America.

They Do Not Love America

Former Attorney General Eric Holder joins New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in declaring America has never been great. The two leveled their comments in criticizing President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan. Holder and Cuomo might think they are intellectual giants, but both men are nothing but slobs — same as all the other ass wipes coming out of the Democratic Party. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Trump went ahead and reversed the slashing of the Special Olympics. Brennan met with D’s right after Rand Paul’s tweet. The [DS] wants the full Mueller report. Rand Paul blocked it by saying that we should all receive the HRC report. Trump tweets out that he might close the border. Q drops more bread. Follow the word knowingly it will be very important later on to establish treason and sedition. Flags out, We The People. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV, the Queen of Q, unfurls his snark on former FBI Director James Comey and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., amongst other swamp fiends.

How are Michael Avenatti, Mark Geragos, NXIVM and Jussie Smollett all connected? Amazing Polly explains.

Beck to Help the Children

Glenn Beck is heading south for the summer. At the risk of harming his career, the controversial political commentator on The Blaze Network is trekking to the Mexico-U.S. border to literally lend a hand to the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have streamed across into our backyards. “Through no fault of their own they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck says. “And while we continue to put pressure on Washington and change its course of lawlessness, we must also help.” More from BlazeTV.

Hello, Canadian Friends

The United States and Canada share one of the longest and most peaceful borders dividing any countries anywhere in the world. But make no mistake about it. The border is a dividing line, underscored by its many strange quirks. CGPGrey offers his inimitable insights.

Border Security

Pundit Dick Morris advocates passage of the new immigration bill, saying it addresses many issues and problems that have gone unresolved for decades through both Democratic and Republican administrations. He believes those who call it an amnesty measure are mistaken.

Border Sheriff Does Two-Step

In an exclusive special report, PJTV has uncovered evidence of some fancy footwork going on in Hidalgo County, Texas. PJTV cites a whistle-blowing deputy sheriff who claims the county sheriff’s department, under Lupe Trevino, is feeding the federal government a line by routinely “downgrading” the severity of its crime problem. The intent: To make the fast-growing border region appear safer than it actually is, and thus falsely justify the value of some $6 million in grant money allocated to the county under the COPS program. PJTV’s Bryan Preston is on the scene in McAllen, Texas, while Alexis Garcia anchors this special report. Check PJTV at, as additional follow-ups are expected in this story.


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