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Leftists Send Fake Army Texts

We’ve gotten used to Leftists making things up, lying and engaging in chicanery. Now, they are sending out fake Army messages warning people they have been drafted into World War III.

Sorry, Leftists. We would have had World War III already if your douchebag candidate, Hillary Clinton, had won the Presidency. But with Donald Trump in charge, this is a White House that will talk tough and act tough, but refrain from war unless it is absolutely necessary. More from Tim Pool.

Speaking of making things up. Does anybody do it more often than the mainstream media? They have stopped reporting the news. They are now merely Liberal propagandists spouting Leftist lies. More from Mark Dice.

Did Tucker Carlson single-handedly stop a war with Iran? That’s the view of Vincent James with The Red Elephants, who notes that Carlson was drawing nearly twice his usual audience size for his reports on Iran. Seems the public trusts Carlson to tell the truth as opposed to the malarkey most online journalists are spouting.

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