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Repeating The Carter Mistakes

Bob Kudla Joins me to discuss the worsening Biden economy, the fact that we seem to be reliving the mistakes of the Carter era and the possibility of the pipeline shutdown being a Deep State mission. More from RedPill78.

Israel, gas shortages, rockets, Iran. Evil distractions “by any means necessary.” Sound familiar?

The Democrats and their Deep State allies are wreaking havoc once again! Some things never change. More from And We Know.

Some of the smartest people out there are starting to worry about hyperinfation and our Mad Max future. Lynette Zang joins SGTReport to discuss.

Biden Wants A Russian Fight

We had four years of peace under President Donald Trump, but it’s already being shattered by signs of war since Joe Biden took office — only two months ago! Talk about a dimwitted push for war and destruction by the foolhardy Democrats, especially considering Biden’s target seems to be the Russians.

There are increasing tensions along Russia’s southern border and daily fights breaking out in the eastern side of Ukraine, where most of its Russian population lives Look for escalation as Ukraine — egged on by the demented Biden — vows to challenge Russia and seize the Crimea. More from Bill Still.



G.I. Joke

The U.S. military is flexing its muscles fighting a woke war on Twitter. Now, whether these soldiers in a Leftist army can withstand a blistering attack from the enemy under real combat conditions remains to be seen. More from The Salty Cracker.

Deep State Preparing Blackout

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing exactly what the patriots want them to do. Everything is coming together. To be blunt, soon we will see game over. Trump put everything into place with the pandemic and now the military is doing exactly what he wants. The [Deep State] is getting ready to cyber attack Russia. This is all about shutting down central communication when the evidence starts to come out. More from the X22 Report.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we take a look at the state of law enforcement in New York City. The people are being asked to stop crime. In Wisconsin, a Democrat official had access to absentee ballots before the election. Bad news for the Bidens. Twitter sues Texas and Wyoming is open for business. More from RedPill78.

Is another major war ahead in the Middle East? Here’s what you need to know about Joe Biden and his cozy relationship with the military industrial complex. More from JustInformed Talk.

Jordan Sather indulges in some pot stirring while addressing clickbait, the British monarchy, new Center for Disease Control guidelines and the latest bizarre BlueAnon conspiracy theories.

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

It’s progressive when Joe does it! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Forever Wars Are Back!

Didn’t take the war-crazed Democrats long to unleash a new military skirmish. Joe Biden has barely been in office a month and already he has ordered the bombing of Syria.

You can always count on the punch-drunk Democrats to get America involved in another war. Damn, crazy Leftists! If they hate soldiers so much, why are they always so quick to pull the trigger and touch off global confrontations?

Probably they have corporate donors in the military-industrial complex to appease.  Lord knows they aren’t looking out for Americans! More from World Alternative Media.

Biden ordered the Syrian bombing to retaliate against Iran-backed militias. Meanwhile, he has also placed new sanctions on Russia. This lunatic is pushing for a serious war. The military-industrial complex got rusty — and hungry — after President Donald Trump shut down their globalist misadventures in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and elsewhere. Now, they’re clamoring for blood. There’s pillaging to be done! More from Tim Pool.

Biden Pushing For SERIOUS War!

In this video, we break down Biden’s actions on the global stage and how it’s setting up the United States for serious clashes. More from We Are Change.


Will The Deep State Crumble?

Simon Parkes has now been booted from YouTube. Apparently the Deep State, which controls YouTube, is taking exception to his truth-telling. Here, he explores some of the continuity miscues and bluescreen flubs from the Joe Biden inauguration. He discusses the growing talk of a war involving Iran and Israel. How will that affect Saudi Arabia?

Now that the inauguration happened, how long will the military go along with a Biden presidency? Will the military seek to topple Biden or will their animosities fade? Parkes firmly believes President Donald Trump won re-election, even carrying California and Hawaii. So if Biden fared so poorly, how can the mainstream media keep asserting his popularity? How long before the lying, manipulative Deep State crumbles?


China, India Clashes On Border

Indian and Chinese troops use sticks & stones in hand-to-hand border battle. More from We Are Change.

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Author Donald Jeffries returns to SGT Report to expose the real agenda of the Democrat Party, and we shine the light on the powers behind the throne. Have they sworn their allegiance to a New World Order?

What fate do they want for you? What lies beneath? Remember, we are in the midst of the Great Awakening. More from Craig Mason.


The People See The Truth

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media’s worst nightmare is coming true. The silent majority is now becoming united. The country will soon see that the country is actually united not divided. What we are witnessing now is the country going through withdrawal from the [Deep State]. Does this mean that they are finished pushing events? No, but as they push more and more of these events, the people see the truth. More from the X22 Report.

Finally! The Hunter-Burisma investigatio  is now in full swing. In addition, what are President Donald Trump’s Chaz plans? Black Conservative Patriot also gets into: the calls to defund the cops, Richard Grenell and vote fraud.

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What in the world is China doing now? In this video, we break down major geopolitical developments that put the world on the brink of a much larger conflict. More from We Are Change.

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As the mainstream media continues to push division and violence, how long before the powder keg really heats up? Now, we have CNN releasing a list of sculptures to be torn down and street names to be replaced. Are they running a news network or broadcasting for a Leftist uprising? Despicable ethics. Donald Trump Jr. will be having his father, President Donald Trump, on his podcast this Thursday. Should Don Jr. pop the big question: The Q riddle? More from TRUreporting.

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Hypocrisy of the Protests

The Black Lives Matter protests are the handiwork of stupid and immoral Democrats. Stupid because they don’t recognize how their party is responsible for many modern-day evils, including warfare in the Middle East and the return of slavery to Libya. Immoral because they rail against President Donald Trump when, in fact, Trump has studiously avoided getting the United States embroiled in another war, while Hillary Clinton made it clear she intended to fight in Syria, as well as possibly Iran and North Korea. In other words, Trump has avoided useless conflicts while the Democrats thrived upon them. Here, this hypocrisy is laid bare by a philosophical chap, whose identity is unknown.

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