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Eat the bat, bigot! More form Paul Joseph Watson.

There are reports from China that the coronavirus epidemic could be far worse than we’ve been told. In other words, what has been portrayed as a minor epidemic could be more like a pandemic. One doctor who believes China is downplaying the virus believes as many as 100,000 people are already infected. More from Mr. Obvious.

One thing’s certain. The virus is rapidly spreading. Lisa Haven says victims have now appeared in 18 countries. The number of quarantines is increasing. Looks like we can expect some more disruption. How much, remains to be seen.

Styxhexenhammer666 says the latest count shows 1,300 cases, including instances of the virus now in France, Malaysia and even Nepal. There is a semi-live map you can consult.

Finally, we close with Marfoogle News on location outside a hospital in Washington state, hosting the first American patient with the coronavirus. Sounds like many other individuals who had contact with that patient are being called into the hospital and administered tests to see if they are carrying the virus. Also sounds like this could spread rapidly.

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