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The Gloves Are Off

The [Deep State]/Democrats have failed in their mission. Does this mean they are going to give up trying? No. They believe they have the one person that will allow them to impeach Trump again. That person is John Bolton. Q told us to follow the pen. Follow Bolton. Trump gave a press conference today and he came out swinging. The Mainstream Media were shocked by what he did. The gloves are off and we are in the 15th round. More from the X22 Report.

Yes, the best is yet to come. RedPill78, the corruption detector, gives us some responses from President Donald Trump on his acquittal. Nancy Pelosi also reacts to the outrage she sparked. There is an ever-expanding probe by the GOP into the corruption charges against Hunter Biden. Both the Treasury Department and Secret Service are involved.

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Game on, Patriots!!! The Storm Is Here!!! Buzzfee dp eeedojou rno!!! More from McAllister TV.

And the gloves are off! No more games!!! It’s time for Potus to go on the offensive. More from TruReporting.

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