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Democrats Coalesce Around Joe

The Democrats are all coming together — they coalesce — around Joe Biden. They all know he is likely to lose. But if he does win, they will each have handouts and jobs in the new administration. They know Biden won’t rock the boat in the same way that Bernie Sanders had promised. Biden will keep the Deep State happy! Otherwise, the phrase “Who Is Q?” has been trending on Twitter. Destroying the Illusion discusses.

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We bring you more important updates on COVID-19! Why did so many CEOs resign so suddenly? Could they have been preparing for something big about to happen or avoid being affected by a darker agenda?

Did you know that Bill Gates donated millions to China? But was it really to combat this virus or something else?

Are certain people immune to this virus or not as much affected? And what about vaccines? Do they actually help prevent viruses or instead, support them?

What are some prophecies that have predicted this virus from decades to even centuries back?More from the Edge of Wonder.

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Today’s episode reveals major criminal charges against close Soros associates for $343 MILLION, which is currently missing in foreign-aid, given during the Obama years to the Ukraine. The report was covered up by the Obama administration for 2 years until I dug it out in December of 2019. More from Rudy Giuliani.

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