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Attorney General William Barr says he’s very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of encroachments upon Americans’ civil liberties. He’s addressing the draconian proposal made by Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microcoft, that no one be permitted to travel anywhere unless they have proof they’ve taken a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Doesn’t Gates already have enough money? No one elected him to be in charge of our government, or to legislate our movements. It’s time he and his ilk are exposed for the shills and sharks they are.

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has been recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” says Gates. Barr responds,”I would be a little concerned about that.”

Here, In Pursuit of Truth says FISA indictments will be issued, the beginning of something. Exactly what, or when, we don’t know yet. Also, how is CBS fake news? The evidence is mounting.

We are united in this fight. Patriots stand at the ready, The hunters will become the hunted. And We Know introduces us to the looming battle against evil and analyzes the latest Q posts. Also, as each day passes, it’s becoming clear our hospitals are not overwhelmed. That being so, why has the mainstream media gone out of its way to sow the seeds of fear and to lie about the scope and ferocity of the coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps the same reason why these sniveling liars have painted a totally false and erroneous portrait of hydroxychloroquine as a drug to combat the coronavirus. This, while the latest study — involving more than 1000 cases — showed this drug to be approximately 91 percent effective when combined with secondary drugs. In other words, lousy lying journalists, we don’t need to die!

We are witnessing the largest mass treason event in the history of the world! We are the light. We will take back our country. We will not back down or allow the minions of darkness to rule over our lands! We have left the Matrix! Fear US! More from The Patriot Hour.

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