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Farm Born

The CIA is the shadow government trying to regain control by getting its assets into Congress. We all know about Anderson Cooper over at CNN. But which other media assets are farm born?

At CNN alone, you’ve got Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta, Don Lemon and Brian Stelter, alongside Mr. Cooper.  Over at MSNBC, Chuck Todd, Mika Brzezinzki, Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow fit the bill. In the newspaper biz, certainly Maggie Haberman at the New York Times and Seung Min Kim at the Washington Post. In short, the talk of an independent and honest mainstream media is just fantasy-land drivel. It’s no wonder the press was so quick to dismiss Pizzagate and the sordid adventures of James Alefantis and his scuzzy friends.

Here, In Pursuit of Truth, working double-time, gets into the farm-born talent. This includes a look at some of the CIA knuckleheads now running for Congress, like Valerie Plame in New Mexico, showing off her backward driving skills in a Chevy.

A doctor with absolutely nothing left to give grabs a microphone and destroys the Democrats and their nationwide corona virus shutdown. Trump calls for “dirty cops” to pay “big price” for Russia probe after release of transcripts.

Let’s watch as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin addresses a House Committee, overseen by the rude Maxine Waters with an assist from the arrogant Adam Schiff. That segment earned In Pursuit of Truth a shout-out from Q, so IPOT rolls out a cake to celebrate. It’s a cake for Q, but not for Sue! Who’s he referencing? Must be Sue Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube and the scourge behind its censor-laden campaign to bury the truth.

Also in this episode: The long and ugly truth about the Russia hoax and the Deep State’s failed campaign to stop Trump. Also, California moving aggressively to push mail-in ballots. Is that in response to COVID-19 or because the Democrats want to steamroll the election and know they will have a very hard time winning in 2020?

It’s becoming quite clear now. The treason and sedition that occurred against incoming President Donald Trump was not orchestrated by a few rogue agents. This was a systematic coup attempt, plotted at the top by outgoing President Barack Obama, and carried out by multiple members of varied government agencies: the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice and others. This is why the investigations by Attorney General William Barr and his special prosecutors are taking so long. This is not some isolated case, but something we have never seen before in this country, something that really flies in the face of American justice. Here, And We Know gives us a sense of the depth of the treason, beginning with the badgering against Gen. Michael Flynn but now extending in multiple directions.

Virus or elections? JustInformed Talk reviews the latest Q posts as well as gets into the stories the mainstream media refuses to cover in a video called Are You Awake Yet? You know the stories that don’t get told: Those that present President Donald Trump and his administration fairly or positively, as opposed to attacking and tearing down the Republicans in the way the Leftist mainstream media does. Frankly, anyone who puts any credence in the press these days is either as far Leftist or a stark, raving lunatic.

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Independent investigative journalists Spiro Skouras and Greg Reese join SGTReport to discuss the global pandemic vaccine agenda.

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