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The Unmaskers Are Unmasked

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media cannot stop what is coming. They have tried everything but the people are now awake. They can see clearly. The shutdown no longer makes any sense. Those who unmasked Flynn have been exposed. More declassified information is coming out and the trap has been set. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. More from the X22 Report.

Disgraced former President Barack Obama used federal agencies to attack his political enemies. In other words, he ran roughshod over the Bill of Rights as well as the US Constitution. The [Deep State] Swamp runs deep. Rain is coming. It will bring the pain. Be ready. More from And We Know.

The ODNI declassified the names of Admin officials who unmasked Gen. Michael Flynn and they have been released! Along with that, we get an amazing Wizards and Warlocks proof making good on the promise of D5. Stay tuned! More from RedPill78.

In Pursuit of Truth is back in action after a short delay: His neighborhood went without power for a half day or so, causing a backup in his usual schedule.

Why do reporters leave their masks on while the cameras are rolling but remove the masks as soon as the cameras go dead? IPOT discusses the ‘rona, what kids call the COV. It can be serious if you catch it. But the vast majority of people do not. So time for them to get back to work.

The Democrats only want us marooned at home because it fits their political agenda — not because they care about our health. IPOT examines California and its rising debt as a prime example. Do not be dormant. Do not allow Democrats to use you as a pawn in their games.

Their latest: They are pushing a $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill including all of the Democrats’ pet projects, such as Planned Parenthood and bailout monies for states that are going broke and have not operated using solid budgets.

Did former President Barack Obama go after Gen. Michael Flynn to protect China? That’s among the declas bombshells discussed here by the Black Conservative Patriot. Also touched upon: Joe Biden’s lies, the unmasking process, and some scotus news.

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