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Draw The Line HR6666

Besides its eerie 6666 nomenclature, this bill introduced into the House by Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., would strip away much of our rights and freedoms. Why are the Democrats increasingly turning into such totalitarian assholes? Why are they so intent on destroying our Bill of Rights? The purpose of this legislation would be to spend some $100 billion to fund coronavirus testing and tracing.  More from Jamie Dlux.

Busted. A Rockefeller Foundation document exposes the true Globalist Covid-19 control plan. More from Lisa Haven.

The Los Angeles Times reports that extreme poverty may be the pandemic’s heaviest toll. But it isn’t the virus causing this suffering—it’s the lockdown. Dennis Prager also addresses the latest new media lie about him—these leftists are determined to discredit Dennis, but they are just too easily proven wrong every time they try.

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