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A Hopeless Generation?

A recent survey reveals that 51 percent of young Americans are feeling depressed with a negative outlook on life. Why so hopeless? Says Dennis Prager, “Well if you are indoctrinated to hate your past, to live fearfully and to expect the world to end, how could you not be?”

In this week’s “Fireside Chat” on PragerU, Prager looks at the different factors that are distressing our youth and probable solutions to turning their lives around.

Who Hates The Police?

Hate them or love them, the police are a major and divisive issue across America. But why is the hate so much more prevalent?

Dennis Prager delves into the issue, breaking down an unbelievable hate video that went viral. In the clip, a woman gets pulled over by a cop for using her phone while driving. Her response: “Murderer, what are you going to do to me? Are you going to kill me and my son?” Prager says she must have called him “murderer” at least 10 times.

Later in the confrontation, the abusive woman calls the cop a racist Mexican! And the clincher is, she is a teacher! “Oh my God, that’s the scariest part of the video,” Prager says. “Only God knows what she teaches her kids.” In the following edition of PragerU, Prager offers his brilliant insight into why the Left hates the police and how they’re damaging law enforcement, and also discusses the definition of white values.

Dissecting The Chauvin Trial

With the Derek Chauvin trial now behind us, pending appeal, whatever happened to the charges of racism? The race card, as you might remember, was front and center from the day of the crime right up to the trial, but both the prosecution and defense were mum on the R word. What gives?

Dennis Prager asks, “Isn’t that the entire reason this country has been fixated on this issue? So, maybe the whole thing was a lie.” After all, the death of George Floyd last May set off nonstop riots and lootings the rest of 2020 in protest of police racism. So why wasn’t it mentioned in the trial? Because it didn’t exist.

In the following Fireside Chat, Prager discusses the future of policing in America, whether the verdict was correct and the power of the media in this episode of PragerU.

The Lie Of Anti-Asian Racism

The shootings in Atlanta last has catapulted this insane obsession with Asian hate. And if you listen to the mainstream news media, they’re only pouring fuel on the fire. “We’re bathing in this terrible lie of anti-Asian racism in America, another example of white supremacist thought that has taken over the country,” says Dennis Prager.

In this week’s edition of “Fireside Chat,” Prager delves into the latest spike in attacks on Asian-Americans and the Left’s habitual untruthfulness, beginning with his five reasons why this enormous lie was fomented. Here’s more with Prager.

Small Government The Answer

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Not everyone understands why that’s true, however, and Dennis Prager responds to some of those critics, pointing out, “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

Prager also introduces a rare guest–20-year-old Amala Ekpunobi–an impressive new edition to the PragerU family, who became a much happier person when she left left-wing activism and victimhood in favor of logical conservative values.



Big Government A Joke

Small government was the vision of our founding fathers. It’s the reason America has provided its people more freedom and more opportunity to live a better life. But with the recent fake election of perhaps the most corrupt and radical government in our history, are these values vanishing?

Appearing on this segment of PragerU, Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers provides some perspective, summing up the political climate on Capitol Hill perfectly: “It’s just an amazing deal what they’re doing,” Rodgers says. “If you look around our environment today, it’s not like the government is helping anybody out in a timely fashion. It took forever to figure out how to give $600 checks away. To count on the government to help us out is becoming a joke at this point.”

Rodgers lauded Barstool Sports, a sports and pop-culture blog that created a fund to help small businesses endure the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rodgers says relying on government is not the answer, people helping people is the way to go.

PragerU founder Dennis Prager concurred, adding that every society in history has shown us that, as government grows, human freedom and happiness shrinks. “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen,” he says. Here’s more from PragerU.




How To Fight Big Tech

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about big tech with Tim Pool, Dennis Prager, Tucker Carlson, Michael Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Beck and more. This compilation shows how long the big tech censorship problem has been growing with clips spanning the last few years. Dave discusses section 230, social media censorship, and free speech with tech innovators like Peter Thiel, politicians like Ted Cruz, creators like Bridget Phetasy, commentators like Michael Knowles, and activists like Charlie Kirk.

A Salvo For Civil Liberties

Liberty is declining and the COVID-19 shutdown is a perfect example. Take the Draconian measures Gov. Gavin Newsom has imposed on the residents of the Golden State–lockdowns across the board and farcical stay-at-home measures.

Valiant Riverside, Calif., Sherriff Chad Bianca, one of a handful of California authorities who will defy the orders, put it succinctly. “The metrics used for closures are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true numbers, and are disastrous for Riverside County.” He goes on to say Newsom’s edict is a direct attack on our civil liberties and freedom, and adds, “I believe that all jobs are essential to someone.”

Dennis Prager concurs and cites a case in point from the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival in upstate New York. The rowdy “party” drew more than 100,000 people from across the planet right in the middle of the highly contagious Hong Kong Flu pandemic. The flu, which broke out in 1968 and lasted nearly two years, killed an estimated 1-4 million people worldwide. Yet, there was no social distancing, no masks, no shutdowns, no abuse of our civil rights. Unlike in today’s pandemic climate, why didn’t people get locked down then? “Because people believed in freedom,” Prager says. “It would have been unacceptable to Americans.” Hear more of his logic on PragerU.

Tackling Stereotypes, Inclusivity

Dennis Prager discusses the barrage of propaganda that has substituted for real learning in public schools today, including lies about stereotypes, such as “all white people are racist,” or “there is no gender.”

It turns out, kids are being lied to about stereotypes being wrong. But what if they are true. Prager says the truth is not a left-wing value, but a conservative one as well, which circles back to the question: What if the stereotype is accurate? Prager explores this conundrum in his weekly “Fireside Chat” and discusses inclusivity, one of the false gods of our time.

Hollywood’s Condescending Left

Iconic actor Matthew McConaughey has had enough of secular Hollywood’s condescending culture, calling out his fellow colleagues on The Joe Rogan Experience. McConaughey says that although he hasn’t felt the brunt of Tinseltown’s radical shift, there are circumstances where some of his close colleagues have shied away from him.

Meanwhile, British conservative author Douglas Murray gives his take on the issue, explaining to Dennis Prager why the Left is so engaging with cancel culture. “The Left has done a good job of giving meaning in a meaningless age,” he says. “The cancel culture comes about because of God-shaped holes. It gives the day a purpose, it gives the life a drive.” But Murray laments that it’s an ugly, retributive drive and says conservatives, unfortunately, have forgotten about this void. Here’s more from McConaughey and Murray in this episode of PragerU.

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