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Biden’s Ukraine Corruption

Joe Biden’s Ukraine corruption is going public — in a big way! A massive bombshell hit Tuesday as we heard live phone conversations in which former Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry conspired with former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko to oust a prosecutor working to end corruption. Needless to say, both Biden and Kerry wanted the prosecutor canned. They’re Democrats, so it goes without saying: They are dirty! More from TRUreporting.

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Boom week just hit. The hunters have become the hunted. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is getting hit hard this week. First, Trump tells the media that he is taking HCQ. They go crazy. Then Richard Grenell declassifies more information and the biggest bombshell is that the recordings are released for Biden, Kerry and Ukraine. There is one recording where Biden is talking about the removal of the prosecutor for a billion dollars. Q dropped more bread and the pain is coming, slow and steady so the [Deep State] feels the pain. More from the X22 Report.

Americans are getting back into the work mode…taking the country back from the Globalists who wanted us all marooned at home. Their weapon: Another coronavirus from the Chinese, like every deng-flu we’ve been seeing for the past decade or so. President Trump is talking cures and taking hydroxychloroquine. Jerks like Neil Cavuto of Fox News are going crazy. What’s wrong with him? Must have the Shep Smith fever! More from Lori Colley.

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Yesterday’s In Pursuit of Truth was named For Easton. IPOT reveals that was a tribute to Easton Parker, a young boy who died tragically from a brain tumor. We had speculated it might have something to do with Mike Easton, conspiracy theorist, and, of course, that’s a possibility as well. Q posts often deal with double-, even triple-meanings.  The name of this name IPOT, DEEPer, suggests just how deep the rabbit hole might extend.

Attorney General William Barr says none of the evidence he’s seen to date suggests indictments for either former President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden. That announcement deflated some Q followers. But we have to take the long view. In a game of chess, it’s rare for the King to be taken out early. Usually, one starts with Pawns and Knights, eventually tackling Rooks and Bishops, before taking down the King’s prime defender: The Queen. So we don’t see Obama or Biden going down soon, or even Hillary Clinton, the Queen. But we could soon see indictments for a William Brennan or a James Comey, plus any number of their Pawn underlings, like Lisa Page or Peter Strzok.

Meanwhile, has a Space Race, along with a deadly Cold War, erupted between the United States and China? IPOT notes the death of Air Force Col. Thomas Falzarano last Tuesday. Falzarano, 47, commanded the 21st Space Wing. He was senior commander for Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs and the nearby Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. A few days later, over the weekend, Du Wei was found dead at his apartment in Herzliya, Israel. Du Wei was China’s ambassador to Israel. Neither death was ruled a homicide, but the fact they happened so quickly indicates a possible connection. At least enough to fuel some speculation.

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General Michael Flynn is a hero, says President Donald Trump. And no other president should ever again have to live through the kind of hoax and scandal manufactured for him by out-of-control Democratic jailbirds, ranging from John Brennan and James Comey to their disgusting ringleader, Barack Obama. These vile traitors all need to be prosecuted and jailed. Here, JustInformed Talk focuses on Class 1-99 and National Security threats to our republic.


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