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Something Is Up

We Are Change discusses the bizarre situation in New York City where a police department with an annual budget of six billion dollars just stands down as the city’s most posh stores are ransacked and looted. What in the hell is wrong with those cops? Are they that inept and incompetent? Or are they coasting because they work for inept and incompetent politicians, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

Without a doubt, DeBlasio and Cuomo stand as the epitome of gross corruption. It’s difficult to imagine either of these ghouls ever being elected to higher office in the United States.

But they are certainly not alone. Here, We Are Change talks over the riots with reporter Josh Friedman.  He was on the ground amidst the chaos in Los Angeles and discusses whether police may be stirring things up. Friedman says vandals beat him up, assuming he was likely a cop or conspirator out to get them.

Steve Turley explains more of the details behind President Donald Trump’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist group. This occurs as riots across the nation are red-pilling Americans. Let’s make some noise! Time to see some of these Leftist terrorists in the hoosegow!

This Is War, says Lionel Nation. If you think the riots are going to continue unabated in this nation, just keep your eyes peeled. We are going to see drones. We are going to see armored trucks. We are going to see New Age military tools we’ve never seen before. What Nation calls “an autoshow of every form of military vehicle, drone, air surveillance, direct energy weapons.” Those behind the riots have exhausted everyone’s patience. Now it’s their time to pay if they persist with their fun and games.


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