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Liberals Want to Defund Police

If the riots across the nation seem like another episode of the silly and fleeting hysteria that sometimes grips our culture, you should know that it’s not. It’s real and the people pushing it are deadly serious. But let’s get one thing straight. It no longer revolves around the unfortunate circumstances in Minneapolis that claimed the life of George Floyd, but has everything to do about disposing President Trump. For his enemies, everything is about Trump. They are obsessed with ridding the nation of Trump.

So the radical left, led by unhinged groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and aided by the idiots in the lamestream media and uber liberals in Congress, are applauding the violence. And stunningly, they have taken this fiasco one step further by placing the bulls-eye squarely on law enforcement. The real problem for these miscreants is that the violence, in some rare places, is being stopped by police and their aim now is to eliminate all law enforcement for good. How? By defunding police departments across the nation. Absurd, to say the least. Here’s Tucker Carlson’s take on Fox News.

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