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Orwell Foresaw Today’s Violence

On the 71st anniversary of the publication of 1984, RedPill78 offers a final warning from its author, George Orwell. It’s remarkable how accurately Orwell foretold the kinds of surreal violence we are now seeing, as well as the routine lies from the mainstream media, known in the book as The Ministry of Truth.

Then we move to Chicago to check in with the local government, and a heated argument between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and a Chicago alderman, Raymond Lopez from the 15th Ward, who is critical of Lightfoot’s lackadaisical response to the rioting across the city. Now, Chicago is facing difficult times, as major retailers like Walmart, debate whether they should try to rebuild and return to Chicago after the city let rioters destroy those stores.

Also covered here: A Buffalo instigator who went out of his way to try to ensnare and entrap police. And, in fact, many of these officers were relieved by the city government. The instigator — Martin Gugino — should be arrested and jailed. He calls himself a Catholic peace activist. But he’s a dangerous clown, and not funny whatsoever!

President Donald Trump shared a roundtable discussion with police and pledged to resist and defeat the Democratic drive to abolish police departments. Speaking of cops, President Trump said, “They do a tremendous job risking their own lives to protect people they don’t know.” In addition to Minneapolis, city councils in Los Angeles and New York are debating proposals to eliminate their police departments.

Meanwhile, in the US Capitol’s Emancipation Hall, Democrats took the knee for several minutes while wearing African Kente cloth. These legislators are certifiably nuts! The Democrats are a party whose members are so Leftist they have lost their minds. They will be roundly defeated this November. More from Lori Colley.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media plans have now failed. The people’s movement is becoming very large. The awakening is now happening and people realize what is going on. Trump once again points the finger at Antifa and sends a message. The patriots are in control. The people have the power now. More from the X22 Report.

Ex-Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenfell reveals how to end the Deep State! Andrew McCabe Senate hearing is near. Let the fireworks begin. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Antifa protesters are creating an “autonomous zone” in downtown Seattle. And Chicago’s Democratic politicians are losing control of the city as well. Listen to their argument in a leaked phone conversation. How long can this go on? What is their gold offering? What does it all mean? More from TRUreporting.


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