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[Deep State] Blocks Removed

RedPill78 and M3thods, co-hosts of the Occam’s Razor podcast, join X22 Report as special guests. They speculate on what the Deep State might try next, having failed at the coronavirus shutdowns and the violent Black Lives Matter riots. How else can these denizens try to destroy our country and take away our freedoms? Also, RedPill78 and M3thods discuss the boogeyman that the press never acknowledges: Those criminals guilty of crimes against humanity, particularly, child trafficking and sexual molesting. When will the hammer come down on these fiends?

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As darkness descends, our enemies begin to fall. Now, it’s time to watch the lawsuits, the work of the new Republican judges and our President, Donald Trump. More from And We Know.

Why do the Democrats want to defund and abolish our police? What exactly is their agenda? Are they radical Marxists or simply intent to destroy America? Here, JustInformed Talk delves into issues that are important to know to understand the future. One thing surely to bear in mind: We must vote out and down every damn Democrat on the ballot. Until they start being more honest, and also more moderate, we must clip these fiends and radicals.

The Second Wave agenda is upon us, but Patriots like Steve Scalise are fighting on the side of TRUTH, and 5 [D] Governors and major nursing homes are the target. More from SGTReport.

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