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Entering The Lost Decade

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns over the past few months have placed businesses across the planet under extreme financial pressure, forcing many of them to permanently close their doors. Others hang by a thread, remaining open with significantly less revenue. The crisis has forced companies to take unusual financial paths.

The scenario is eerily similar to the Japanese economy of the 1980s, which suffered a similar fate. Rising to the No. 2 financial power behind the United States, Japan’s economy exploded, its stock market rose more than 200 percent, then an economic crisis brought everything tumbling down. The crash left companies with no options to pay down debt, leading to what is now known as “The Zombie Economy.”

Fast forward to today and we see many similarities to Japan’s woes. Even though our economy appears to be rapidly recovering to an extent, there still are many companies that are solely surviving on debt–and debt that they probably won’t be able to repay. YouTuber and entrepreneur Jack Chapple says we are entering the lost decade. Here’s more of his analysis.

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