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Huge Debt Crisis Lurking

While talk of enforcing lock downs and handing out stimulus checks dominates the news cycle, there’s a larger, more devastating crisis lurking in the background that threatens to disable our economy for decades.

We’re talking about the consequences of long-term debt, currently being fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. While taking on debt to solve today’s financial problems could be a good thing in the short term, it almost always bodes badly for the future. The only way to relieve the pressure is to lift the lock down mandates and get Americans back to work, but the prospects of such a reversal probably won’t occur for a while.

The prognosis: If unemployment continues to rise, both individual and national debt will continue to rise to help us stay afloat, and this will happen at record levels that we have never seen before. Is there light at the end of the economic tunnel? Find out in the following analysis from the Jack Chapple channel.

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Entering The Lost Decade

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns over the past few months have placed businesses across the planet under extreme financial pressure, forcing many of them to permanently close their doors. Others hang by a thread, remaining open with significantly less revenue. The crisis has forced companies to take unusual financial paths.

The scenario is eerily similar to the Japanese economy of the 1980s, which suffered a similar fate. Rising to the No. 2 financial power behind the United States, Japan’s economy exploded, its stock market rose more than 200 percent, then an economic crisis brought everything tumbling down. The crash left companies with no options to pay down debt, leading to what is now known as “The Zombie Economy.”

Fast forward to today and we see many similarities to Japan’s woes. Even though our economy appears to be rapidly recovering to an extent, there still are many companies that are solely surviving on debt–and debt that they probably won’t be able to repay. YouTuber and entrepreneur Jack Chapple says we are entering the lost decade. Here’s more of his analysis.

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Media Going Dingbat Crazy

Ratings collapse And layoffs are making the media go crazy. Media ratings are failing and as these companies become more desperate for views so they can make money they turn to far left activists to push ragebait content and nonsense. More from Tim Pool.

CNN is dying, cutting most of its London staff. How long before the axe falls on its stateside idiots, from Don Lemon to squeaky-voiced Brian Stelter? Ha-ha-ha! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Tim Pool returns with further discussion of CNN’s precarious position. The Leftist network is losing $10 million a year. They are now laying off many more staffers. Why the downfall? The public won’t abide a lying news network. CNN needs to be shut down — same as its parent company, the CIA.

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Is it nearing the end for CNN? The network’s ratings keep falling as its credibility plummets. More from Vincent James on The Red Elephants.

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