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Dark Winter, Dark Secrets

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped. The patriots have dripped out information on the Biden family and it is very damaging. The investigation has begun. The patriots have used the art of war. The setup is almost complete. Crimes against humanity will be exposed, but the [DS] already sent out a message for their next False Flag. Biden mentioned Dark Winter. When dark secrets are exposed we might see a Dark Winter. More from the X22 Report.

Joe’s debate debacle! Epstein Island! Cannibalism! Nursing home murder! More from McAllister TV.

RedPill78 interviews Dr. Juliette Engle, an MK Ultra survivor. She talks about being held captive by Satanists, along with other children, some of whom survived, while others did not. They were tortured, subjected to sexual assaults. She recounts these experiences in her book Sparky: Surviving Sex Magick. We bring this to you from DLive. You can also find RedPill78 over on Rumble.

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