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Riots Erupt In Philadelphia

Black Lives Matter riots erupted Monday night in Philadelphia. The BLM rammed a row of cops with a truck running over one of the officers. Mass looting occurred all over the city. How will this senseless round of violence impact voting across Pennsylvania? Are the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot by encouraging these radical hooligans? More from Tim Pool.

Steven Crowder examines the overnight rioting and looting in Philadelphia after another police shooting, and looks at the top leftist meltdowns over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Then he turns to look at YouTube’s new fact-checking policies and how they favor Biden. Crowder also looks at Biden’s backers and how most are establishment elitists, contrasted with Trump’s support among small business owners and the working class.

As the Leftists burn down Philadelphia, support for President Donald Trump appears to be surging across the state of Pennsylvania. Here, Steve Turley discusses how the riots might well secure another win for Trump in Pennsylvania next Tuesday, further weakening the Democrats. This is a state Joe Biden has tried hard to flip, as it is where he was born.

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