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No Relief In Sight For Chicago

Chicago is holding firm as the crime capital of North America and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in site. Not only is the Windy City mired in dysfunction, violence and poverty, it’s also been run by incompetent Democrats for decades.

Liberal Hivemind takes a closer look at Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the latest “leader” put forth by the party, who refuses to take responsibility for the chaos and overall disorder in her city.

Tragedy Of Utopian Thinking

It happened again. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

How To Win Riots

Want to organize strategic battles against Antifa? Learn how to use sound — for instance, drums or horns — to organize and orchestrate movements so small bands can defeat and deflect larger Antifa mobs. We might need to use these tactics this summer if Antifa again tries to organize violent protests throughout American cities. More tried and tested battle tactics from Black Pigeon Speaks.

BLM: A Bunch Of Shady Grifters

Some members of the leftwing media are still pushing the notion that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate enterprise, but the shady side of the BLM is coming into much greater focus. Drive-by shootings, including a London attack on a BLM activist by another violent gang, are demonstrating that this is ragtag organization.

And now we have a student, with an attorney for a father, who is threatening to sue her school district for $2 million after no  one published her BLM poem. Someone should teach her lesson: Freedom of press does not mean anyone has to publish your wretched poetry! More from Mark Dice.



Mad Maxine Waters Returns

Maxine Waters, the loudmouthed California Congresswoman, traveled to Minneapolis to push more violence. She told demonstrators to stay on the streets and keep tearing down the city.

No sooner had she spoke when rioters opened fire on National Guard units assigned to protect the city.

Isn’t it sweet when our Congressional representatives are vile, low-life thugs? Waters belongs in jail for her open insurrection. More from Mark Dice.

Maxine Waters’ call inciting violence has not gone unnoticed. There’s a groundswell of support urging her impeachment. We doubt anyone will lay hands on the ugly wench, but at least there are signs of growing resistance to the despotic Democrats. More from Steve Turley.

On the anniversary of the Shot Heard Round the World, Maxine opens her mouth and threatens the Chauvin Trial. Will her incitement to violence be addressed–and will she be expelled from Congress? We’ll also take a look at the launch of FrankSpeech by Mr. Lindell. More from Lori Colley.

When Is Violence Justified?

Author Stefan Verstappen joins the SGTReport to discuss the question of violence and when using it is appropriate and moral to stop psychopaths.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

White People Lie…And Cheat

What can white people do? They are superior at lying, cheating and stealing. That’s what Daisy Cousens learned when she found the worst Social Justice Warrior video of the year.

And speaking of Leftist propaganda, witness the backpedaling by the Michigan state representative Cynthia Johnson. She had threatened violence against Trump supporters, urging her “soldiers” to take action. She lost her committee assignments after making the vile threats, and now, she’s saying her “soldiers” were forces for Christ. Yep! More from Memology 101.

For many decades, the Democrats have gotten away with murder. They do not send out an SOS! They issue warnings! More from Thomas Wictor.

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Post-Election Violence

As the November 3 Presidential election looms, America is already preparing for a wave of chaos. Fortunately, we already know who’s implicit in this. We know which side of the aisle is going to resort to looting, rioting and burning things down. It’s sadly become a staple of the radical Left and the Democrat Party, simply because this is what they do.

Says political commentator Buck Sexton, “This has become part of the political culture of the Left. That kind of lawlessness, tyranny, terror, destruction … not condemned because they have no problem with it.” He adds that the decline of law and order, and the rise of violence and instability in major cities is going to get worse with Democrats, because they have once again shifted their thinking.

But not to fret. The sensible side of the aisle is already preparing for the onslaught. Take the state of Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott is sending 1,000 troops to the five largest cities in the Lone Star state to handle any outbreaks of violence on election day or afterward. And you’re likely to see more states under GOP leadership following suit. Here’s more analysis from Sexton on “The Buck Sexton Show” on The First.

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Central Bankers Pushing Reset

The [Central Bankers] are now pushing through with their plan. They can no longer wait. They know this is the only event they can use and now they are pushing forward with it. The only problem is the patriots have been planning for this. The [Deep State]/[Central Bankers] believe they are in control of the economy. They are not. They need the US and the US is not with their plan. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media and the elite around the world are ready to push the Dark Winter operation. The news is already being pushed that a second wave is on its way. The patriots already know their playbook. This plan will fail as all the other have. Once the people let the world know who is in power, it is game over for them. The National Guard has been activated in many states. Trump will be in the fortress during the election. More from the X22 Report.


Could Covid-21 force another massive lockdown? What is the master plan from Antifa and Black Lives Matter to spread more violence to Washington DC in the aftermath of the 2020 election? All this and more from JustInformed Talk.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum wants to make you a slave, and he and his mainstream media cohorts won’t stop pushing this evil agenda. Trade Genius’ Bob Kudla joins me to discuss. More from the SGTReport.

Riots Erupt In Philadelphia

Black Lives Matter riots erupted Monday night in Philadelphia. The BLM rammed a row of cops with a truck running over one of the officers. Mass looting occurred all over the city. How will this senseless round of violence impact voting across Pennsylvania? Are the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot by encouraging these radical hooligans? More from Tim Pool.

Steven Crowder examines the overnight rioting and looting in Philadelphia after another police shooting, and looks at the top leftist meltdowns over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Then he turns to look at YouTube’s new fact-checking policies and how they favor Biden. Crowder also looks at Biden’s backers and how most are establishment elitists, contrasted with Trump’s support among small business owners and the working class.

As the Leftists burn down Philadelphia, support for President Donald Trump appears to be surging across the state of Pennsylvania. Here, Steve Turley discusses how the riots might well secure another win for Trump in Pennsylvania next Tuesday, further weakening the Democrats. This is a state Joe Biden has tried hard to flip, as it is where he was born.

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