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Flakes On A Plane

Bill Whittle says the Old Frontier was an era wrought with violence everywhere, and you had to be strong and vigilant to defend yourself. He says things haven’t changed much today, and if you want the violence and independence, and the ability to take care of yourself, fly Spirit or Frontier.

He says flakes on a plane, with their fistfights and absolute chaos, is approaching epidemic proportions. And the only reason he points out Spirit and Frontier is because they’re low-cost carriers, but other airlines aren’t immune to the mayhem. In this episode of  “Right Angle,” Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott share their thoughts on the dilemma.

Violence Nixed On NY Subways

Why are the criminally insane being made unsafe in their own homes?Why are the criminally insane being made unsafe in their own homes? More from FreedomToons.

Tim Pool Out Of Context

The choice is yours.  More from FreedomToons.

Warnings Issued For Trump

A former Trump lawyer, Ty Cobb, speaks out and warns of possible danger for the former President.

House Republicans respond to FBI stonewalling in the aftermath of the Durham Report.

Jamaal Bowman’s history of violent attacks against Congresspeople becomes apparent when even AOC warns him. Now, this leftist firebrand is threatening Marjorie Taylor Greene.

More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Porter: Shades Of Al Franken

The ex-husband of U.S. Rep Katie Porter, D-California. is charging she is a chronic domestic abuser and gaslighter. Styxhexenhammer666 surveys her history of domestic violence and says he “sees shades of Al Franken.”

Trans Agenda: Incite Violence

Mike Adams, host of Natural News, reports the recent transgenderism push by corporate America is really a globalist trans agenda to incite violence and division in the country.

“This is designed to make people snap,” Adams says. “It’s designed to set off a war in America between trans and non-trans people, but it is especially designed to provoke attacks on trans people.” Adams explains why in the following report.

Let The Unsealing Begin

Patriots around the world will succeed. But we must stay focused and peaceful. We cannot succumb to the Democrats’ push for violence and civil war.

As expected, the indictment of former President Donald Trump did not occur Tuesday As Laura Ingraham on Fox News reported, the Manhattan District Attorney, which has been threatening to indict Trump, wanted to hear from more witnesses before proceeding. So Trump has won a reprieve for at least another day.

In the meantime, we must continue to pray and heed God’s plans. More from And We Know.

Marching Orders

MSNBC pushes political violence against MAGA after Pedo Hitler’s speech. More from The Salty Cracker.

Hungover Joe Backpedals

The Federal Judge overseeing Trump’s complaint against the U.S. Government for the RAID of his home ordered the unsealing of two documents; a report on the investigation and a (slightly) more detailed property list. We review both documents in detail, along with a complaint from a very distressed citizen upset Trump is still using the phrase President. #Trump #Maralago #FBI

Biden declares WAR on the MAGA faction of the Republican party in an insane and delusional speech in Pennsylvania. Biden said MAGA Republicans are a threat to Democracy before being escorted out by his wife. #Biden #Insane #MAGA

President Biden backtracks on his statements from his commie-red speech where he said MAGA Republicans are a threat to America. Fox’s Doocey asked Biden about his statements, to which Biden mumbled an incoherent answer referencing global violence. Biden’s Hitlerian speech gets meme’d into oblivion, and we review. #Biden #MAGA #MAGARepublicans

More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

MK-Ultra Triggering Violence

Author Cathy O’Brien joins “The Mel K Show” to expose the connection between MK-Ultra mind control and the wave of gun violence gripping the nation. The discussion revolves around mind control, predictive programming and the resulting trauma it causes. Here’s more.

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