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Trump Ready To Fight

We have seen how the Deep State employed flagrant fraud and vote rigging to subvert the 2020 Presidential election, and steal, three, possibly four states away that President Donald Trump had won: Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and possibly Nevada. Now, the same Democratic crooks and their asshole allies in the mainstream media and the CIA are going for broke, employing even more blatant fraud in Pennsylvania, which Trump won by more than 500,000 votes.

Here, Trump discusses how he intends to fight these evil mo-fos who have brought disgrace upon a once-great nation. His speech inflections, body language and demeanor are analyzed by the Body Language Ghost. Tip her if you can — she has been demonetized by the Leftist thugs who run YouTube.

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Biden added votes from 2016

Clark County Nevada +20,000
Maricopa County AZ + 100,000
Dane County Wisc +43,000
Oakland County Mich +90,000
Washtenaw County Mich +23,000
Ingham County Mich +15,000

You would think Hillary was way more popular than this pedophile, Chinese-backed loser yet he added all these votes.

Meanwhile, a whistleblower came forward to Project Veritas, testifying to how the U.S Postal Service conspired with Democratic operatives in the state of Michigan to back-date mailed ballots. In other words, ballots that had not arrived by the deadline of 8 pm on Nov. 3 were gathered together the next day, Nov. 4, and rushed over to the ballot counting operations to illegally tamper with the election. More from James O’Keefe at Project Veritas.

Face it, President Donald Trump won re-election. The Leftists in the mainstream media hope you don’t believe your own eyes. More from One America News Network.

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