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Unions Sour On Joe Biden

Unions have begun to sour on Joe Biden. The reason is simple: He has been pushing policies that kill jobs. His first day in office, he eliminated the Keystone XL pipeline project, destroying thousands of well-paying jobs. We can imagine how the pipefitters felt after their union had endorsed this piece of trash. Now, it’s the postal workers union that’s expressing remorse over endorsing Biden. They’re miffed over the coof and forced vaccines. More from The Salty Cracker.

Jersey Mailman Dumped Ballots

A United States Postal Service carrier pleaded guilty to dumping ballots from the November 2020 election into a dumpster. The admission gives credence to a number of whistleblowers that revealed prior to and after the election that ballots were being improperly handled.

The charges were ignored by the Democrat Party and mainstream media and mocked as hearsay. Martin Brodel gives his take on the story, plus he reveals that sources tell him more than 60,000 black hats have already been dealt with at Guantanamo Bay and other places. So if you’re one of the skeptics that believe nothing is happening in the Great Awakening, think again. Here’s more with Brodel.

Election Fraud Panic Intensifies

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are panicking over the audit. They are planning to stop it, and if it cannot be stopped, they will black out all communications. All assets will be deployed from allowing the public to know. When the [Mainstream Media] does this, it is game over. This will show censorship like we have never seen before. The news is fake. The war is real. It has already begun. Soon those people who are treasonous will not be able to walk down the street. More from the X22 Report.

USPS Whistleblowers Cite Fraud

A U.S. Postal Service driver has come forward, saying illegal ballots, already signed, were sent from New York into Pennsylvania. The driver did not have a precise count but suggested his truck carried somewhere between 144,000 and 288,000 ballots. Meanwhile, the Arizona and Michigan hearings have been dropping massive bombshells as well. Many witnesses have claimed the election was stolen. More from Mr. Obvious.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants interviews a whistleblower who exposes massive election fraud that occurred in Detroit, Michigan.

Trump Tweets Video EXPOSING Illegal Vote Buying From Biden Supporters Who Quickly Delete Evidence. The video shows two women with one promising gift cards as prizes if people send in photos of them voting.

While Democrats are claiming it’s a legal “get out the vote drive,” according to the law offering cash incentives or something of value in exchange for voting or not voting is illegal.

it doesn’t matter if you tell someone to vote for someone specific or not to vote for someone, simply saying vote in exchange for prizes is a crime. While this is not definitive proof of Trump’s claims about the system being rigged it is still something that needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

Bill Barr recently claimed that to date he has not seen evidence that would have changed the outcome but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and it doesn’t mean he stopped investigating. More from Tim Pool.

Fraud On A Massive Scale

The mainstream media keeps singing “Kumbaya” because those Leftist outlets make no bones about supporting Joe Biden. But apparently, they don’t stand for the United States having a fair and honest election. Jenna Ellis, counsel for President Donald Trump, says as many as 2.7 million votes cast for President Donald Trump were erased or, worse, transferred to Biden.

She says the exact specifics of the fraud will become clear over the next several days as lawsuits are filed by Trump’s attorneys under Rudy Giuliani. Without divulging the details of these suits in advance, Ellis says many will involve the Dominion Voting Systems machines and software employed in some 38 states. Ellis made the charges in an appearance on Eric Metaxas’ Radio Show, out of New York. In his words, this is “rapidly becoming one of the greatest scandals in American history.”

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Democrats accidentally admit they BROKE THE LAW in a group affidavit that shows Democrats claiming they were contacted by election officials BEFORE the election to fix rejected ballots. Meanwhile, a SECOND USPS WHISTLEBLOWER has come out through Project Veritas claiming that U.S. Postal Service stopped shipping Trump ballots and simply junked them. These are serious allegations that should be investigated. #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020 #Trump2020. More from Mr. Obvious.

This is my interview with Melissa Carone, the Dominion Voting Systems employee who came forward to report the fraud she witnessed in the wake of the election. This was Melissa’s first interview after she was initially scheduled to appear on Hannity, however at the last moment they cancelled. Since then she has appeared on Lou Dobbs and this story has gained the attention of the President. More from RedPill78.

George Webb offers a quick update on Scytl and Dominion, the two election companies at the center of controversy over miscalls in the US 2020 Presidential race.

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Leftists Starting To Panic

Leftists are starting to panic. Why? Because President Donald Trump is beginning to challenge election results in ways that might well be successful. Already, Deep State operatives from the FBI and other agencies are harassing witnesses who observed election irregularities and possible fraud. The Deep State will get crazier as Trump zeros in on success. More from Steve Turley.

Another U.S. Postal Service worker in Pennsylvania has come forward, saying a USPS supervisor in Elkins Park, a suburb of Philadelphia, told as many as 30 employees to continue delivering mail from Joe Biden but to stop delivering mail from President Donald Trump, essentially trashing it. The whistleblower, who spoke with Project Veritas, says he’s willing to go on the record because this is the kind of shenanigans that doesn’t fit our times.

Software Glitch Swaps Votes?

A U.S. Postal Service whistleblower who witnessed the backdating of election ballots goes on the record saying he DID NOT recant his statement and stands by his allegations. A data scientists examined voting data and found that Dominion may have glitched in multiple states and switched or lost millions of votes.More from Mr. Obvious.

One tool that states might use to find and fight against voter fraud is a new risk-limiting audit called Arlo, developed by a company called VotingWorks.  Democracy depends upon trust in the electoral process. In the United States, nearly every jurisdiction relies on machines to tally votes, so trusting the process means trusting the machines that scan and tally our paper ballots. Given the high stakes of our elections, and our adversaries’ demonstrated interest in them, what can we do to double-check the equipment producing the tallies? Here’s how Arlo works.

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News organizations might have declared Joe Biden the winner, but the General Services Administration isn’t recognizing Biden as the victor nor pushing ahead with transitions at this time. And the news organizations themselves are having to backtrack as discrepancies are getting straightened out in the vote counts. at this point, it doesn’t appear either Biden nor President Donald Trump has reached the 270 electoral college threshold that guarantees a victory. There are still at least five, maybe six or seven states, where recounting is proceeding. More from We Are Change.

In this episode we look at the widespread reports of voter fraud all across the nation. Vote switching “Glitch” live on CNN. Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Legendary Super Attorney Lin Wood joins Trump’s legal team – “This country is under attack.” More from Dustin Nemos.

Election Goes To The Dogs

A young Santa Cruz, Calif., college student explains how her companion, a two-year-old service dog, was erroneously listed as a student at a neighboring community college and ended up apparently casting a vote in the 2020 US Presidential election. No doubt, the dog voted for Joe Biden, inspiring his dead-pan putdown attacking “dog-faced pony soldiers.”

We love how YouTube affixes a tagline to this video saying, “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” What a pile of…doggie poo.

US elections, literally, have gone to the dogs. There are no safeguards, and no integrity, just as there’s little-to-no honesty in anything YouTube proclaims. More from Fernando Martinez.

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A new Judicial Watch study underscores the high probability of voter fraud across the United States. The study uncovered 353 American communities that had more registered voters than they had full-time residents. All told, these counties accounted for some 1.8 million voters who were likely living somewhere else, voting twice, otherwise miscounted or dead. Here are the states with the highest total percentages of voters and likelihood of fraud: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

More from Lisa Haven, who also discusses Tucker Carlson’s coverage on interference by Big Tech in America’s elections. Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all are now practicing gross censorship to try to suppress conservatives and Christians. These evil companies must be broken up so they no longer can collude with the Democrats to steal elections.

In a video appearing exclusively on Bitchute, Styxhexenhammer666 takes a look at the Michigan Attorney General, Democrat Dana Nessel, trying to bully Big League Politics and Gateway Pundit for circulating a damaging video from Detroit. The video captures poll workers being offered what appears to be dubious, possibly illegal and criminal advice on how to cheat and cut corners. Nessel insists Big League Politics stop making the video available. Styx says it’s too late –Detroitgate is already out there and the word is spreading and perfectly legal.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post claimed a U.S. Postal Service whistleblower who had recited his charges to Project Veritas was now withdrawing his testimony. But the whistleblower in question, Richard Hopkins, says the Washington Post is making up stories. “I did not recant,” he says.



Another Case Of Postal Fraud

Project Veritas uncovers another U.S. Postal Service worker — this one from Erie, Pennsylvania — who says ballots that arrived late on Nov. 4 were post-dated Nov. 3 and rushed over to be counted among Joe Biden’s totals. In other words, here’s another instance of cheating, quite like the case Project Veritas documented earlier in the state of Michigan. Just how commonplace was this Postal Service fraud? Can these post-dated ballots be tossed out? More to come.

Here is a followup video. The Pennsylvania postal carrier Richard Hopkins has come forward and made his claims public. He did so because supervisors had already begun an investigation against him in the aftermath of the original Project Veritas video above. Hopkins repeated his claims about Postmaster Rob Weisenbach ordering that late Nov. 4 ballots be post-dated Nov. 3 so they could be illegally counted to boost Joe Biden’s totals.

Promises, Promises

This parody of the U.S. Postal Services and the corrupt Democrat Party pays a visit to the lighter side of life, featuring a bevy of the most  dishonest Democrats on Capitol Hill. Promising your votes will all be counted, this lineup of crooks features Speaker Nervous Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Pencil Neck Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, fitted with a pair of knee pads, Lyin’ Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, among others. Enjoy the rampant BS in this episode of The United Spot.

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