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Trump March in Washington

An estimated 500,000 supporters of President Donald Trump marched peacefully in Washington DC Saturday. There were some verbal skirmishes with Antifa groups, but these did not break out into physical violence.

We are not presenting the American mainstream media’s accounts of the march because the mainstream media lies and pushes fake news. Anyone can see that. The New York Times, for instance, brazenly capped the turnout of pro-Trump protesters as being in the hundreds! Obviously, that’s not a genuine newspaper, but a bunch of agitprop leftists spinning fairy tales!

Here, is one Japanese correspondent who followed the march and donned a Trump hat.

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Here is a short video clip from RT, the Russian news network. They let the pro-Trump supporters speak, as opposed to browbeating them like the Leftist asswipes in the US media. It will be many years before the American media regains any respect from conservatives or Christians after the biased coverage of this year’s election. Doesn’t matter whether you’re talking NBC or ABC, CNN or Fox, they all are worthless, lying polecats.

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We close with a look at the lamebrained Antifa and Black Lives Matter goons who tried to attack Trump supporters. We saw a few examples where these fiends beat up and robbed old people or scared kids, but anytime the marchers caught up with them, the Leftists paid a heavy price. More from The Salty Cracker.

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