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No Evidence of COVID Mutation

Scientists are refuting rumors of a dangerous COVID-19 mutation in Europe. The mutation, which is said to be 70 percent more powerful than COVID-19, has already led to mass shutdowns in the United Kingdom, France and Canada, despite no evidence of a more severe outbreak.

American immunologist Kizzmekia Corbett told Zero Hedge blog that the world is going to hear about many variant viruses because they mutate by nature. “But a couple of amino acids is not the same as a whole new virus strain in the way that we’ve been taught to think about flu,” she says. Corbett calls it selective pressure, where as the virus transmits, it learns how to be better at transmitting. Unfortunately, she says, there will be enough genetic diversity in the variant viruses to render the current vaccines useless.

Here’s more choice analysis by Josh Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

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