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Will Biden Release Maxwell?

With the changing of the guard in Washington, D.C., will the Biden Administration show more leniency toward convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell? Political pundit, blogger and author Charlie Robinson tells Shaun Attwood he is “extra concerned” over the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein’s main confidant will get a free pass.

Robinson’s theory: Biden is not long for the office, which sets up a golden opportunity for his administration to release Maxwell, knowing well he won’t take the heat later on because he’ll be long gone. “I’m concerned about this big club and we ain’t in it,” Robinson says. “I’m not optimistic with the Biden Administration that they’re somehow going to get tough on this stuff. That has never entered my mind.” He adds that if the issue was about justice and doing the right thing, this would never happen. But he fears this is the opposite–about wrong things, connections and knowing the right people. And, as many would suspect, the corrupt Democrats and their sidekicks in the media will blame everything on President Trump. Here’s more with Attwood and Robinson, as they also weigh in on the pardon snub of Julian Assange.

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