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Lockdowns For Climate Change

Lockdowns have now been determined as the reasonable go-to response to a crisis and it’s not going to end with COVID-19. There will be new mutations, new viruses and louder calls for climate lockdowns. It’s a zany world in which governments now proclaim that normal life is a privilege to have and can be withdrawn at any instance under any justification.

You need only look at the initial coronavirus lockdown, when headlines touted the dramatic fall in carbon emissions and how wild animals enjoyed the freedom of a quieter world. Says Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars, “Climate alarmists have been calling for this very thing for decades. But mostly, they’ve been ignored, until now.”

Karl Lauterbach of the German Socialist Democrat Party, has taken it one step farther, calling for pandemic-like restrictions to address climate change, since there is no vaccine for CO2. He further suggests that the planet needs to overhaul its economic structures and do capitalism differently. Translation: universal basic income, neo-feudalism and financial serfdom. It’s The Great Reset barging its way back into the big picture. Here’s more with Watson.

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