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Is Fauci Going To Jail?

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci facing prison time in the near future? There’s no doubt he’s in a heap of trouble for allegedly funding research via the NIAID at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China with U.S. government grants to study coronavirus in bats that’s 96 percent similar to the novel coronavirus.

No matter Fauci’s repeated denials, the study was gain of function. Says World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson, “We reported on this back in early 2020. Now, suddenly the mainstream media is talking about it as though it’s a new story.”
Fact is, the Wuhan Institute of Virology which the WHO refused to investigate has been caught, so they’re manipulating the story to make it appear as though a virus accidentally leaked from the lab. Meanwhile, the governments of the world are throwing people under the bus to mitigate the issue as much as possible.

“The reality is, COVID-19 has never been isolated from a single human, so it’s a misdirection,” Sigurdson says. “It’s a limited hangout. They’re trying to divide and they’re trying to prolong the fear over something they can’t even sequence.” Tune in to hear Sigurdson break down the Fauci nonsense, with clips from U.S. Rep. Rand Paul and Fox News Tucker Carlson. “They’re simply misdirecting people from the entirety of the truth by telling a small part of the truth. It is modus operandi of the CIA,” Sigurdson says.

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