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Ex-FBI Chief Tied To Bidens

Alex Jones breaks down the report in the Daily Mail detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, proving an FBI director donated to the Joe Biden family trust fund. Republican Louis Freeh, former FBI chief in the Clinton and Bush administrations, gave a cool $100K to a private trust for Biden’s grandchildren.

The Daily Mail also reported that Freeh contacted then-Vice-President Biden to discuss lucrative future work options, with Hunter Biden as the middleman. The shocking liaison poses the question of whether Biden was using his office to enhance his financial future. And if that wasn’t enough to stun you, Jones found that Freeh oversaw and allegedly attempted to cover up the Penn State University sex scandal involving assistant football Coach Alex Sandusky, who was eventually convicted of sexual child abuse. Jones says it’s all in the Hunter Biden laptop, surrounded by all the other sordid material, which the Daily Mail had the courage to probe. Here’s more with Jones.

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