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CIA’s Phony UFO Invasion Op

There is much alien news to discuss in the weeks ahead, but be careful where you tread. CIA operatives are out in force trying to plant false tales of a blanket UFO invasion.

Here, the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses the most callous and brazen of the phonies pushing such talk, including Luis Elizondo, who just appeared on 60 Minutes, and Christopher Mellon, from the Mellon banking family, who formerly worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

Make no mistake about it. These aren’t independent operators, but CIA shills and artful liars. The brain-dead fools from the mainstream media can turn to these operatives to get their facts, but you shouldn’t make the same sorry mistake. Why would anyone ever trust the CIA? Unless, of course, you were gathering details on drug running, trafficking children, or perhaps, stealing an election.


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