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Eben Probed At Dayton Base

Linda Moulton Howe presents new photographic evidence of a Grey Eben, supposedly found in a crash site along the Peru/Brazil border and taken to a secret depository “3rd floor down” for further study at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside Dayton, Ohio. The “grey skin” is actually just a shell. The creature’s true colors have an orange, almost skin-like hue.

Howe brings aboard a “remote viewer” by the name of B.D. Bolton who says the Eben’s spacecraft made a beeline over South America near the Nazca lines after first popping over the Pacific Ocean to pick up rare metals from a bed of manganese nodules on the ocean floor. The Eben was not alone but traveling with other Ebens as well as a tall Nordic when struck by American forces secretly directing a plasma laser energy weapon.

Obviously, draw your own conclusions as to the accuracy of this reporting or the supposed sequences of events.  Howe discusses her years of research involving cattle mutilations and other extraterrestrial forces.

Here, on her YouTube channel Earthflies, she gets into the “Yellow Book” at well, saying aliens have given Presidents, possibly including Trump, access to a tablet enabling the viewer to see events as they have transpired over thousands of years on a variety of planets, including Earth. This “Yellow Book” could be an amazing tool to restore much of our lost and stolen history. Also discussed: New legislation by Rep. Mike Gallagher, a Wisconsin Republican from the Green Bay area, to allow Congress to gather alien reports.

Jeremy Corbell says UFO aren’t just real, but there is physical evidence they’ve been here. He’s revealed countless, verified reports. And he says he has a WHOLE lot more.


CIA Invades The UFO File

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt does a special program on the CIA and how it is monkeying with the UFO records and trying to distort the truth. A global tug of war has been touched off by the Ukraine conflict, and now both sides are hinting at nuclear armageddon.  Where will all this conflict lead? Who are some of the players to watch, including Luis Elizondo, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

CIA’s Phony UFO Invasion Op

There is much alien news to discuss in the weeks ahead, but be careful where you tread. CIA operatives are out in force trying to plant false tales of a blanket UFO invasion.

Here, the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses the most callous and brazen of the phonies pushing such talk, including Luis Elizondo, who just appeared on 60 Minutes, and Christopher Mellon, from the Mellon banking family, who formerly worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

Make no mistake about it. These aren’t independent operators, but CIA shills and artful liars. The brain-dead fools from the mainstream media can turn to these operatives to get their facts, but you shouldn’t make the same sorry mistake. Why would anyone ever trust the CIA? Unless, of course, you were gathering details on drug running, trafficking children, or perhaps, stealing an election.


Aliens Are Real!

UFOs are very real, as Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, told 60 Minutes over the weekend. Recently declassified files and film leaked to The New York Times by Elizondo and former government official Christopher Mellon, has convinced the Pentagon to admit we are not alone, despite their decades of denial.

In the following report by CBS News’ Bill Whitaker, he speaks to Navy pilots who have actually witnessed what the government now refers to as UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena. Former Navy pilot, Lt. Ryan Graves, says his crew saw these objects every day for a couple of years and feels they are a threat. “We were amazed at what we were seeing. The probability is that it’s a threat observation program.” He added that the UAPs were one of three things: secret U.S. technology, an adversary spy vehicle or something otherworldly.

And speaking of otherworldly, brace yourself for the second half of this video, where recently discovered 16mm films show government officials interrogating a captured alien, who claims he is from our future and a descendant our of species. Chilling, to say the least. And, as always, judge the material for yourself.

The Tic Tac UFO Incident

After decades of silence, government officials are finally acknowledging the UFO phenomenon that has captured the imagination of the public. While dodging, denying and sidestepping the issue for many years, the military has verified that there is a department at the Pentagon that is monitoring what they call unidentified aerial phenomena. Says video blogger Sara Carter, “Now we have technology and capabilities that we never had before and we’re able to record these phenomena, for the most part, and we have. This is a topic that could change all of human history.”

The military’s shifting sentiment regarding UFOs can be traced to recently released intelligence of the Tic Tac Incident of 2004, according to former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, who headed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the Pentagon’s secret unit that studied UFOs. The incident involved the U.S.S. Nimitz supercarrier war ship, the E-2 Hawkeye early warning aircraft and the U.S.S. Princeton radar ship during fighter jet training exercises off the coast of San Diego. During the exercise, the U.S.S. Princeton’s state-of-the-art Vector Spy-1 Radar System detected something on the screen it couldn’t identify and sent two of the F-18 fighter jets to investigate. What they encountered was an unusual flying object shaped like a Tic Tac mint, hovering erratically over the ocean. It had no wings, no means of thrust or propulsion, no cockpit, no lights, no rivets. Strange, to say the least.

What happened next will blow your mind. One of the fighter jets moved in on the object, which appeared to be about 40-feet long, and the “Tic Tac” began countering the jet’s maneuvers, then elevated in altitude and suddenly took off and disappeared over the horizon in the blink of an eye. Elizondo says the incident was not only witnessed by the pilots, but also by other senior Navy officials, all highly trained in identifying aircraft. “This aircraft doesn’t look like anything they’ve ever seen and, oh by the way, it turns out this encounter was backed up by radar data on both the E-2 Hawkeye and the U.S.S. Princeton and there’s gun-camera footage.”

The now-retired Elizondo, appearing on the Sara Carter Channel, tells  us the rest of the story and its ramifications on our military.

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Seeking The Truth About UFOs

Luis Elizondo, director of government programs and services for To The Stars Academy, says governments are likely to sequester the truth about UFOs until there’s a solution. But, he says, when it comes to the confirmed UFO sightings in recent years, it may become a liability for government to keep a lid on it all for much longer.

Appearing on The Blaze with host Glenn Beck, Elizondo provides further insight into recent sightings and how auathorities are handling the situation.

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