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Fauci Debates Fauci On Masks

To wear a mask or not? That is the question. And headlining this fascinating video is none other than the two-faced Dr. Anthony Fauci. InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer, guest host of “The Alex Jones Show,” analyzes the clips, which features Fauci debating himself on mandatory masks.

“This is a true reckoning for America, what we’re going through right now, because we shouldn’t take this for another day, let alone another minute,” Shroyer says. “The liars in our government and in our media are so emboldened right now, because they’ve gotten away with so many lies and propaganda.”

The corruption of the globalists is unfathomable, with doctors putting politics over legitimate health advice, and the shifty Dr. Fauci stands at the top of the heap. Here’s the video from InfoWars.

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