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Fiction That Predicts The Future

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the history of predictive programming in film. How do so many movies, novels or other works of fiction, accurately predict the future 5, 10 or even 20 years ahead of time?


The Tech Behind The Great Reset

Jason Bermas guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the history and the technology behind the globalist Great Reset,  post-World War II. Bermas describes the significance of the Bohemian Grove in context with the Military Industrial Complex, plus more, on BANNED.VIDEO.

Trump-DeSantis Agreement

Robert Barnes tells The Alex Jones Show that President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis have reached a secret agreement to run on the GOP ticket in 2024. Barnes says the pact won’t officially be made public until the 2024 Republican Convention.

Barnes says the rumors now circulating that DeSantis will challenge Trump for the nomination is fake news. “The only way anything like that happens is if Trump has a health problem or something else,” he says. Here are more details from Infowars on BANNED.VIDEO.

Jabs An Extinction-Level Threat

Dr. Lee Merritt joins “The Alex Jones Show” to warn the public of the possible extinction-level threat humanity faces against the globalist medical, tyranny takeover.

The culprit, of course, are the Covid vaccines, which Merritt warned were nothing more than sterilizing agents, filled with synthetic DNA and RNA. She decries that from 75 to 95 percent of the U.S. military is vaccinated, while Chinese and Russian troops have yet to feel the jab. Why? She joins Jones to discuss the pressing issue.

It’s Happening Now!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Catherine Austin Fitts as she reveals the Davos Global Control Coup! Fitts is a former Assistant Secretary of HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development) and partner in the Wall Street firm  Dillon Read & Co.

She returns to the Dark Journalist show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and transaction tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, financially and spiritually. She sees this as a time to choose between freedom and tyranny and suggests we have a limited time to restore the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Jason Bermas @jasonbermas guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the decades of warrantless data collection on the public and the future of lockdowns. More from InfoWars.

Biden Frontman For The Left

Owen Shroyer, guest hosting “The Alex Jones Show,” says President Joe Biden is the globalist, puppet, frontman for the left in their effort to collapse the United States ahead of The Great Reset. In the following report on BANNED.VIDEO, Shroyer reveals Biden’s fellow radical lunatics who are in on the debauchery.

Coming Satanic Age Is Here

⁣Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the rise of the Satanic Age with the globalist Great Reset.

Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder

Roger Stone says the disastrous pullout of troops from Afghanistan was a black eye for America and the Biden Administration. “The manner with which this Afghanistan withdrawal was staged, just underlies the fundamental weakness of the Biden foreign policy,” he says.

Unlike Biden’s approach, President Trump covered the earlier retreat of some U.S. troops with tactical, strategic bombing that clogged roads to the main cities. Biden, meanwhile, vacationed at Camp David. Appearing on “The Alex Jones Show,” Stone gives further analysis and discusses the growing medical tyranny state and Andrew Cuomo’s fall from grace.

Cyber Evidence Will Doom Dems

The mother of all election-fraud evidence will be revealed on Tuesday through Thursday at Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Fraud Symposium” in Sioux Falls, S.D. The event, which is not open to the public, will be streamed on, Lindell’s recently activated social media site.

Lindell, more commonly known as the CEO of My Pillow, says the conclusive evidence will be more than enough to overturn the 2020 Presidential election, which many patriots claim Donald J. Trump won anyway in a massive landslide. He adds the evidence will show the election experienced a cyber attack by China, using voter rolls from 2010 in many of the swing states to pad Joe Biden’s numbers and steal the election.

Speakers from across the world are scheduled to address the symposium, in addition to more than 75 cyber forensic experts, according to Lindell. Here’s more with Lindell on “The Alex Jones Show.”

Covid-19 A Product Of MK Ultra

TV personality and author Jay Dyer says today’s manufactured medical crisis, aka Covid-19, ties directly into the history of the sinister MK-Ultra Project, a series of mind-control experiments on human subjects conducted by the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s.

“A lot of people don’t know that today’s crises come out of psychological warfare strategies and plans,” Dyer says. “Once we understand how the elite have used wartime intelligence and wartime operations on the people, then we can completely decode and understand what’s going on.” In a guest host appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” on Infowars, Dyer takes a deeper look at MK Ultra and its players and how it’s influencing the coronavirus pandemic.

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