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Gene Decode Talks Timelines

In  a captivating edition of the Nicholas Veniamin vlog, guest Gene Decode talks timelines, multiverses and time travel by the evil cabal and his personal experiences with some of them.

Decode readily admits to being shifted around among four timelines, including one disastrous scenario where Hillary Clinton is elected President and the city he grew up in is nuked. In another shift, Decode says he actually toured Capitol Hill when the Capitol building was attached to the White House, only to find out that wasn’t the case in a later timeline. He says, “There’s been a massive amount of alterations by God or by the cabal.” Here’s more with Decode and Veniamin.

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One thought on “Gene Decode Talks Timelines

  1. Fits into the Mandela effect, I have a candle statue of the lion and lamb with an angel but in my newer Bible it does say wolf. Also had an experience with a friend driving, I thought we were on 488 and I suddenly noticed we were back on 495 my friend said “Man I could have sworn we were driving on 488” I said “OMG I was just thinking the same thing, why are we back here…” hmm now I know! I’m sold.

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