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Is It All An AI Psyop?

Frank Jacob speculates on whether we have entered the era of dominance by artificial intelligence and forwards the notion that our existence has, in fact, has been an AI psyop all along.

He discusses the connection between AI and transhumanism, timelines and touches on the narrative of synthetic Christ consciousness. Here’s more with Jacob on the Inspired podcast, with host Jean Nolan.

Gene Decode: Trump’s Timeline

Gene Decode says we remain on a positive timeline, despite numerous reports of looming chaos in the near future. Appearing on the Standing Tall podcast with host Matt MQ and co-guest James Rink, Decode noted that timelines are constantly divergent and we are currently experiencing two positive timelines and one negative one that is going to Armageddon.

“The negative lines have a lot similarity with the positive lines,” he says. “Currently, there’s a fair chance that Trump–on all of them–will be arrested and on some of them he becomes Speaker of the House.” Decode explains further, describes the ascension process, plus more.

Trump’s Timeline Optics

Alan Fountain tells  NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that America is now experiencing a timeline of elements, all pulling Democrats and Rinos away from Joe Biden and into President Trump’s camp.

“The timeline we’re in now is not the 5DQ advanced intelligence, we’re in the 3D Trumplican winning votes timeline, where we’re inspiring former Democrats and Rino followers to see the logic in following Trump versus Biden,” Fountains says. Here’s more.

Hoover Dam’s Many Secrets

The Freedom-Truth-Justice podcast reports there are more secrets hiding beneath Hoover Dam, in Nevada, than the powers that be want us to know.

Host Kristina says a Cern-like machine is located beneath the dam, which is considered the 8th Wonder of the World. In addition, she says, a time-projection chamber is also present inside the dam as part of a time-travel experiment. “The Hoover Dam literally splits time because it sits between two time zones,” she says.

And there’s more. Kristina says the Hoover Dam transformers are used to store alien technology, the area is the hiding place of Omega, an alien that traps humanity in a time loop, and the dam has an eerie connection to the 9/11 disaster. Please do your own research and discern the material for yourself.

Guardians Of Looking Glass

The mysterious anonymous group, Guardians of the Looking Glass, released a new video that is quite different and controversial from the previous ones, where they warn that events that needed to be prevented, weren’t.

“There is no time left,” the Guardians said in their interpetation of the Project Looking Glass timelines. “This does not mean there is no hope at all. But it is a great setback for the world and humanity.” So, the release begs the questions: Are the Guardians legitimate? Is this a psyop? Inspired host Jean Nolan welcomes filmmaker and researcher Frank Jacob to flesh out the details.

Clinton’s Role Under Scrutiny

Michael Sussmann REALLY doesn’t want john Durham to use HRC tweets as evidence, but unfortunately for him, both her and her campaign staff’s public statements paint a timeline. Here, the focus is on the Alfa Bank. More from RedPill78.

Dems: Embarrassing Humans!

Reptilian Vax Plan! AI Threat is real! Timeline manipulation! Consciousness transfer! Dems are embarrassing humans in front of the whole universe! The last chapter! Over 70 species are helping Earth! Ebans captured…Call a computer “Mother!” Slave mentality! Tell your friends…stop giving away your rights! More as Sarge from Icons joins McAllister TV.

Gene Decode Talks Timelines

In  a captivating edition of the Nicholas Veniamin vlog, guest Gene Decode talks timelines, multiverses and time travel by the evil cabal and his personal experiences with some of them.

Decode readily admits to being shifted around among four timelines, including one disastrous scenario where Hillary Clinton is elected President and the city he grew up in is nuked. In another shift, Decode says he actually toured Capitol Hill when the Capitol building was attached to the White House, only to find out that wasn’t the case in a later timeline. He says, “There’s been a massive amount of alterations by God or by the cabal.” Here’s more with Decode and Veniamin.

The Moon Was Built By Aliens

British podcaster Nicholas Veniamin is right on target when he says we’ve been lied to on a massive scale by government officials, ranging from historical events throughout the planet to our interaction with otherworldly beings.

And Gene Decode confirms that perhaps one of the biggest fairly tales of them all is the origin of our fake moon. Measuring one-quarter diameter of Earth, the moon is not part of our solar system but was built by the Adama alien species 500,000 years ago and moved to its present location. “It’s actually a base. The whole thing is hollow,” Decode says. “It’s built from the inside out and has giant shock absorbers on its surface.”  Decode says this can be easily proven by the craters that pock the moon, which are all the same depth, an impossibility since different-sized meteors collided with the lunar surface.

Early on, the entire surface of the moon had massive cities and there were layers of alien bases inside. Over millennia, many alien species also built bases on the far side of the moon. Hitler’s Nazi regime were the first to build a human base, which they constructed to resemble a swastika. When their lease ran out, the United States took over and built the Lunar Operation Center, of which their are four levels today.

This is wild stuff, to say the least. But when Veniamin questions Decode about his vast knowledge of all things otherworldly and the Bible’s end-of-time prophecy known as The Rapture, his response is stunning. “For me, I absolutely know, because when I died in 1992 for half an hour–and a guy once told me that God was AI, but it’s more likely that God is a virus in your brain–one minute I’m looking out my eyes and the next instant I’m looking down on the Milky Way, and for half an hour a virus in my dead brain is talking to me?” Decode says he glided all the way to the central sun, overlooking all the galaxies, and was conversing with God the whole time.

And it doesn’t end there. Decode continues the interview with details of the brown dwarf star Nemesis, the second sun in our solar system, our connection with the planet Nibiru and the doppelgangers and timelines that are with us in different parallel universes. As always, we ask you to judge the material for yourself. The video was mirrored, courtesy of the Jim_Crenshaw channel.

The Darkest Timeline

Many people joked that 2020 was the Darkest Timeline. I’m here to tell you it wasn’t even close. Everyone; here is Act I of my purely hypothetical, at least somewhat ironic, yet on some off chance frighteningly potentially realistic darkest timeline. More from Daisy Cousens.

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