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No Jab, No Sports

The war on healthy people by the Biden Administration continues, after the Brooklyn Nets banned superstar guard Kyrie Irving from playing until he gets vaccinated. “Absolutely coersive, absolutely nonsensical,” says World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson. “There’s never been any study that shows unjabbed people risk jabbed people.”

The tyranny has spread to other stars and leagues, as well. The NBA’s Jonathan Isaac, of the Orlando Magic, has also expressed his opposition to forced vaccinations and has not been allowed around players at many functions. The NHL’s Tyler Bertuzzi, of the Detroit Redwings, was banned from all Canadian games for not being vaccinated.

What perhaps is most beautiful in all this, says Sigurdson, is these young men have enough principles to turn down millions of dollars and destroy their own careers because they believe in their own personal choices, in freedom and bodily autonomy. More from World Alternative Media.

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