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Forced Jabs For Everyone!

World Alternative Media reports the White House has announced a second Covid-19 summit, along with several other nations, to further its plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone, everywhere.

Due to the apparent failures of the vaccines previously, the summit aims to leverage their plan by going after your money by imposing social-credit restrictions. Host Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the sinister plan.

Japan Rejects Dystopia

Japan has embarked on a far different course than the Western world. There are no¬† lockdowns, no covid mandates and and no forced vaxx. In other words, Japanese leaders aren’t as brazen or as dumb as Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau or the rest of their ilk. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

How Far Will Vax Tyranny Go?

How far will the globalists carry out their vaccine tyranny? Will we see forced jabs at gunpoint? Will the unvaccinated be imprisoned in death camps and labeled health risks? Health Ranger Report’s Mike Adams explores the evil options of the Deep State.

Door-to-Door Jabs Are Here!

Josh Sigurdson reports that global tyranny has arrived, as other countries have now joined Austria and Germany in calling for full-forced, door-to-door vaccinations.

From free donuts and money to holding people down and jabbing them, Sigurdson says this is the natural growth of tyranny on full display. Meanwhile, massive fines are being handed out in in Italy, Australia, Greece and other countries.

And in the United States, Utah has social-credit and vaccine passports on their new drivers’ licenses and Canada is requiring vaccinations for residents in order to take driving tests. “This is evil and we must stand up now,” he says. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

No Jab, No Sports

The war on healthy people by the Biden Administration continues, after the Brooklyn Nets banned superstar guard Kyrie Irving from playing until he gets vaccinated. “Absolutely coersive, absolutely nonsensical,” says World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson. “There’s never been any study that shows unjabbed people risk jabbed people.”

The tyranny has spread to other stars and leagues, as well. The NBA’s Jonathan Isaac, of the Orlando Magic, has also expressed his opposition to forced vaccinations and has not been allowed around players at many functions. The NHL’s Tyler Bertuzzi, of the Detroit Redwings, was banned from all Canadian games for not being vaccinated.

What perhaps is most beautiful in all this, says Sigurdson, is these young men have enough principles to turn down millions of dollars and destroy their own careers because they believe in their own personal choices, in freedom and bodily autonomy. More from World Alternative Media.

Jones: Lockdown II Coming

Not only is the Biden Administration preparing to mandate forced coronavirus vaccinations, it is also rolling out a plan for total censorship.

Alex Jones reports the plan has been percolating for a while, but now it appears that they’re moving their whole timetable up. And it doesn’t look pretty. He says the restrictions will become more Draconian, including Lockdown II and fines if you leave your house without the deadly inoculations. It’s going to get wild and crazy, folks. Here are the details with Jones.

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