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Will We See Martial Law?

Josh Sigurdson says we are living in the apocalypse that many of us have predicted for a while, alluding to psyops utilizing fear mongering to push a vast majority of people worldwide into a slumber. “And only a small minority of people make it out with their brains unwashed,” he says.

Sigurdson says this doesn’t this doesn’t mean things are hopeless for those of us who respect bodily autonomy and individual freedom, however, it will be an uphill battle against the zombified masses. He welcomes world-renowned author G. Edward Griffin, who discusses the sophisticated propaganda that leads to billions falling into complacency and says he’s worried the Deeps State could create the appearance of a civil war among the divided masses and lend itself to martial law. He also breaks down his thoughts on the supply-chain crunch, as well as the out-of-control inflation in this edition of World Alternative Media.

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