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Meet Carroll Quigley

From 2008: This week we hear from Carroll Quigley and G. Edward Griffin about a secret society created by Rhodes to spread the British Empire around the world…which is still at work, attempting to set up a world government administered by bankers. More from The Corbett Report.

Griffin: There Is No Virus

Author and filmmaker G. Edward Griffin questions whether COVID-19 ever existed and goes one step further to proclaim that viruses don’t exist at all. He explains presumed viruses are simply exosomes, or nanometer-sized vesicles. “Increasingly, there are doctors and researchers coming to the fore saying, hey, we’ve been on the wrong track this whole time. I don’t know that anybody has every isolated any virus.”

Griffin, who will host Red Pill Expo 2021 in Rapid City, S.D. later this year,  joins World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson to discuss the vast psychological, technocratic experiment being played upon the masses via fear as vaccine passports, insane mandates and media fakery rule the day.

America’s Downfall

G. Edward Griffin, author of THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, discusses the Deep State and the cadre of non-elective administrators who are attempting to take full control of our government and our society.  He says their policies are easy to describe: “divide and conquer.” Griffin is interviewed by Lauren Southern.

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