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Gavin Newsom Under Arrest?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn’t sent out any Tweets or messages for more than a week now, sparking rumblings that he is under arrest.

Real Raw News claims Newsom was seized by U.S. Marines who raided his private home in Fair Oaks, California on Nov. 1. A gun fight occurred ahead of the arrest, involving the Marines and two of Newsom’s body guards. Both body guards were dispatched.

Neither Newsom’s wife Jennifer nor his four children were apprehended — only Newsom himself.

We cannot independently confirm this report, but we bring it to you because we are beginning to see multiple accounts along these lines. This one is from Wil Paranormal. The Newsom report begins two minutes into the video, after a South Park skit

One thing we do know. Gavin Newsom has been missing in action for 12 days. So something’s up. Besides the Real Raw News account, there are rumblings that Newsom suffered a bout of Bell’s Palsy after taking a coronavirus booster shot. Here, The Salty Cracker addresses that speculation.

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