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Juan O Savin: MI6 The Culprit

Juan O. Savin bluntly proclaims that the fiasco and fraud that was the stolen 2020 Presidential election was primarily orchestrated by the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, commonly know as MI6. The dossier and other attacks on President Trump trace back to MI6, aided somewhat by MI5 and other NATO countries.

He also points out that up until the moment that Joe Biden was certified the winner of the election by Congress and given the oath of office, there was no reason for the military to get involved, because if there was a fraudulent vote, it fell upon Congress and the courts to right things. When they failed to do so, the military stepped in, because of the overwhelming evidence that the fraud was being orchestrated from outside the country.

“It was always going to be about the military,” Savin says. He says there won’t be a recount or another election, since both would constitute a crime against America. He explains further and brings more insight on Patriot Power, with host Lewis Herms.

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