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Was Nancy Pelosi Arrested?

Phil Godlewski reports that it appears Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arrested at her San Francisco home by U.S. Federal Marshals on Friday, after allegedly breaking an agreement with the White Hats and a leak of her complicity in a plot to assassinate President Trump.

Godlewski says video footage taken by a local NBC News affiliate in San Francisco, which later appeared on Newsmax, shows a woman with a strong likeness to Pelosi, with her hands behind her back, being escorted from her house by two federal marshals.

Godlewski says Pelosi apparently struck a clemency deal with the Alliance for her crimes and political misconduct. He says a similar photograph in late December 2020 or early January 2021 also shows Pelosi in the D.C. Capitol flanked by the same two agents during the Covid era. Here’s more and please use discernment and judge the material for yourself.

Meanwhile, Laura’s View and Tarot, Too says numerous alternative media outlets are reporting the arrest, including the alleged plan to harm President Trump and Pelosi’s complicity in the plot, which voided any previous leniency agreements with the Alliance. Laura further confirms Pelosi’s predicament in a tarot reading, which points to trouble ahead for the Speaker of the House.

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