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Pelosi Attack Video Released

Paul Pelosi ATTACK Footage from the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco RELEASED. The insane video raises more questions about Pelosi’s assailant, David Depape.

Tim Pool calls the video “super weird,’ noting it shows “Paul holding a glass and the hammer with Depape as both answer the door together.”

Pool continues, “The oddity can be answered by saying Depape is simply insane but it seems like a catch-all explanation is a stretch. The 911 call does lend itself more to Pelosi’s story but still seems odd. Nancy Pelosi and family reportedly held an exorcism of the house after the attack for some strange reason and Depape’s son previously said his dad may have been a slave. Absolute insanity.”

Watching the video, we get no clarification on rumors floated, suggesting this was a quarrel between two gay lovers. Were they playing a game of hide the salami with the hammer?

Was Nancy Pelosi Arrested?

Phil Godlewski reports that it appears Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arrested at her San Francisco home by U.S. Federal Marshals on Friday, after allegedly breaking an agreement with the White Hats and a leak of her complicity in a plot to assassinate President Trump.

Godlewski says video footage taken by a local NBC News affiliate in San Francisco, which later appeared on Newsmax, shows a woman with a strong likeness to Pelosi, with her hands behind her back, being escorted from her house by two federal marshals.

Godlewski says Pelosi apparently struck a clemency deal with the Alliance for her crimes and political misconduct. He says a similar photograph in late December 2020 or early January 2021 also shows Pelosi in the D.C. Capitol flanked by the same two agents during the Covid era. Here’s more and please use discernment and judge the material for yourself.

Meanwhile, Laura’s View and Tarot, Too says numerous alternative media outlets are reporting the arrest, including the alleged plan to harm President Trump and Pelosi’s complicity in the plot, which voided any previous leniency agreements with the Alliance. Laura further confirms Pelosi’s predicament in a tarot reading, which points to trouble ahead for the Speaker of the House.

Fake Pelosi Coverage Unravels

The fake news is already looking like idiots in their coverage of the Paul Pelosi attack. David DePape, the deranged individual who supposedly hit Pelosi with a hammer, is hardly a representative of the MAGA forces loyal to former President Donald Trump.

Instead, DePape lives in a hippie’s haven adorned with Black Lives Matter signs. He’s a former nudist and hangs out with pedophiles. Now, the fake news is having to wipe the egg off its face.

Here, we review the criminal charges drawn up by the FBI against DePape. We also hear from one of his neighbors, and he clearly leans to the left. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Excuses For Black Mob Violence

Colin Flaherty, author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed, unveils shocking video evidence, documenting the ongoing Black mob, gang-teen violence that has saturated many areas across America and the mind-numbing excuses for their behavior.

Flaherty says as people who live in the battle zones get used to the seemingly never-ending mayhem, they are coming up with new ways to be in denial and delusional about it. Here’s the report, courtesy of Undeniable Truth.

Leaving California

The California Dream ain’t what it used to be. In this parody of The Beach Boys’ “California Girls”, The Babylon Bee Boys sing, “I Wish We All Could Leave California,” expressing their yearning to leave the Golden State some day.


It’s okay when we do it! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

History Of The Church Of Satan

The Church of Satan is an religious organization dedicated to the religion of LaVeyan Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the church’s High Priest until his death in 1997.

In 2001, Peter H. Gilmore was appointed to the position of high priest, and the church’s headquarters were moved to Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City. More from TaketheRedPill.

Kavanaugh Stalker Arrested

Major blow to Progressive agenda in San Francisco, Judge Kavanaugh assassin discovered, Jair Bolsanaro hints at Biden’s illegitimate presidency. More from RedPill78.

Was Joe Biden’s corrupt FBI aware odf the would-be assassin of Justice Kavanaugh? Just how evil and corrupt are these yahoos now? More from JustInformed Talk.

San Francisco Recalls Boudin

How bad will the November midterm election be for the floundering Democrats? Now, even San Francisco is getting rid of its hardcore leftists.

The voters there have recalled their District Attorney Chesa Boudin. He’s one of the rash of card-carrying leftists put into power around the country with funding from George Soros. Now, people are booting these bastards out! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Democrats in California did use trickery to try to stave off defeat. Here, California resident Mr. Reagan show off a low-down, dirty, campaign flyer he received. If you get anything along these lines, toss it in the trash. That’s where the scumbag Democrats and their dirty tricks belong.

Homelessness: Reality, Solutions

America has a homelessness crisis and it’s getting worse by the day. Politicians promise to stop it. Cities like San Francisco spend millions trying to end it, but nothing seems to help. In the following short documentary, PragerU  reveals the root causes of homelessness and offers compassionate, effective solutions that we can all get behind.


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