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New Clues Tie Oswald To CIA

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky discuss the latest information coming out of the JFK documents with massive implications suggesting CIA’s involvement.The released documents draw a number of possible connections between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA, beginning from the early days in 1957 when Oswald as a Marine ran U-2 flights over the Soviet Union from the Atsugi Naval Air facility in Japan.

Not only did the Japanese base serve as a Naval facility, but it also housed an arm of the Central Intelligence Agency involved in research into psychedelic drugs. In The Devil’s Chessboard, his 2015 biography of former CIA Director Allen Dulles, author David Talbot wrote, “Some chroniclers of Oswald’s life have suggested that he was one of the young marines on whom the CIA performed its acid tests.”

Here, Grim and Jashinsky delve into other instances where Oswald’s path crosses that of the CIA. Most notable: His time in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, when the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt was active in New Orleans, working with the Brigade 2506.

This was a ragtag band of anti-Castro exiles that the CIA used to attempt to overthrow Castro and engage in related Cuban machinations, including the aborted 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion. Grim and Jaskinsky’s program, called Counter Points, is part of the Breaking Points YouTube podcast.

Most conspiracies are psyops, meant to distract you from the deeper truth about JFK’s death. Here, Elijah Schaffer exposes many of the layers surrounding the Kennedy assassination, delving into Jack Ruby, Israel and the atomic bomb, in a new edition of Slightly Offensive called Who Really Killed JFK?.

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