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Truth About Manson Murders

Author Tom O’Neill tells Shawn Attwood that most of what we’ve been told about the Manson murders is a lie. O’Neill says when he found out what was being covered up, it led directly to the CIA and its involvement in many domestic activities in the ’50s and ’60s, most regarding Project MK-Ultra brain washing techniques.

O’Neill divulged 20 years of research on the Manson debacle and CIA covert activities in his book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, which was published in 2019. In the following interview with Attwood, he details some of the government’s mind-controlling experiments, including its manipulation of such celebrity cases involving Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald assassin Jack Ruby and Symbionese Liberation Army kidnap victim Patty Hearst.

Juan O. Savin Is JFK Jr.

The mystery surrounding the death, or fake demise, of John F. Kennedy Jr. may finally become unraveled. In a stunning revelation, master decoder Kelli Ann Hub has determined that alternative blogger Juan O. Savin is JFK Jr.

Hub begins the video clip by tackling the enigma surrounding his fake name–Juan O. Savin or 107–through a series of videos, gematria¬† and Morse Code to decode and seemingly solve the puzzle. In a shocking admission to Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy during a recent interview, Savin explains: “I had a number that was assigned to me, 107, and it was kind of an unusual situation. I had to dodge and dive rather quickly, so 107 was the name of choice.” He says he used the name in many of his writings and presentations for decades.

Digging deeper, Hub says she finds it scary interesting that the same number is related to more Kennedy connectors, including the Bay of Pigs invasion, orchestrated by rogue CIA, on April 17, 1961. It just so happens April 17 is the 107th day of the year. Then there’s Carolyn Kennedy’s (JFK Jr.’s wife) birthday on Jan. 7, which is 107, and more eerily, Lee Harvey Oswald was pronounced dead at 1:07 p.m. “At 1:07 Lee Harvey Oswald just happens to die and Juan O. Savin just happens to have the same number assigned to him,” Hub says.

The bombshell comes in the clip, when Savin, using Morse Code by tapping on his desk, confesses for all to see that he is, in fact, John F. Kennedy Jr. In the following video by, with Pryme and Gerry, Hub reveals more clues, including decoding comms from President Trump. And as always, judge the material for yourself.

Let’s Take a Look: JFK Files

Some of you have scores of free hours to pore over the newly released JFK Files. But if you don’t, here’s a quick look by The Truth Factory at some of the most relevant and revealing files. Of note: There were two assassins, not just one. Also, the CIA had hired a large cadre of 40 or more journalists to shape the narrative surrounding the killing. Good thing for them, because there are lingering suggestions the CIA might have been involved. We’ve always known they were a dirty agency, but who would have thought they could be so corrupt and vile?

Justice for Oswald?

Want to know why the alphabet agencies — the CIA and FBI and on and on — moved to delay the release of top-secret documents pertaining to the John F. Kennedy assassination? Because both of those agencies, and a plethora of anti-JFK politicians, may well have had a hand in the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was hardly a lone killer, and might not even have been the killer at all, but simply a patsy used by the CIA to take the fall.

Here is one scenario outlining Lee Harvey Oswald’s life and death, the Kennedy assassination, and the framing of Oswald by JFK’s enemies. We don’t believe this account is 100 percent accurate, but we do believe it’s closer to the truth than the “lone killer” baloney taught in US textbooks.

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Here’s a second video that speculates on George Herbert Walker Bush being a CIA agent ahead of the JFK assassination and possibly playing a role in coordinating the killing. The creator aims to show how the death of Phil Graham may have not been a suicide and how that research led him to find a photo implicating George H.W. Bush in treason and suggesting he was an accomplice in the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

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Sam “Skinny” Holland was among the chief witnesses who testified that there were multiple shooters trying to kill JFK. Here, Holland speaks with Mark Lane in a 1966 interview and recalls the testimony he submitted, including revisiting the site where he saw gunfire from behind a fence near Dealey Plaza.

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Both of these videos have disappeared from YouTube. In their absence, from Bitchute, we bring you a video that compiles a number of the vanished YouTube works addressing George H.W. Bush and his possible involvement in the assassination of JFK.)

Finally, here is one of Roger Stone’s videos on the JFK release files. He not only interviews a woman who witnessed the assassination, but he also discloses the identity of the Republican hedge fund manager, Paul Singer, who joined the Democrats in financing the Fusion GPS Russian dossier used against President Donald Trump. Singer is involved with the Washington Free Beacon, the same newspaper that carries the loathsome, lying scoundrel William Kristol as a columnist. Talk about a total phony!

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Did KGB Train Oswald?

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but time has failed to quiet the conspiracy theorists surrounding arguably the most tragic event in American history. Though a myriad of theories abound, all discounting Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin, the conspiracy implicating the Soviet Union’s KGB is among the most riveting. In 1959, it was confirmed that Oswald defected to the Soviet Union, where he lived for three years. Nearly 20 years later, Soviet General Ion Mihai Pacepa, who served as chief of communist Romania’s secret intelligence, defected to the United States, where he divulged that not only did Oswald act alone in assassinating the president, but he also was trained by the KGB. Tune in to the assassination timeline in this fascinating video produced by “Alltime Conspiracies.”

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