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MSN Facing Treason Charges?

Patriot Underground reports that the mainstream media is being forced to choose a lane: If they opt to bury the truth or shift the narrative, they will become part of the treason rampant in the establishment and will suffer the consequences.

Patriot Underground says that when Q and President Trump mention the word treason, it’s with the full force of what it represents. “This is why the White Hats have been able to flip factions within the mainstream media, particularly CNN,” he says. He adds that not only was the network taken over by a Trump supporter, but employees were told they would face military tribunals if they suppressed the truth.

The revelation comes on the heels of word that the Deep State allegedly blocked Tucker Carlson from releasing any further Jan. 6 tapes, but were thwarted by the good guys. Says Patriot Underground, “As always, White Hat countermeasures are in place.” He explains further, digs in the Covid origin drama, the Ukraine conflict and more.

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